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 The History of Prostitution in Rhode Island-

Prostitution decriminalized: Rhode Island’s experiment  BY ELANA GORDON- August 3rd 2017

Decriminalizing Indoor Prostitution: Implications for Sexual Violence and Public Healthby Scott Cunningham and Manisha Shah-2017

Trending Globally: Politics and Policy – Episode 4 – Sex Work Is Work- Dec 2016

Sex workers’ rights activist Bella Robinson (Coyote RI)  and sociologist and Watson postdoctoral fellow Elena Shih discuss the “trafficking” and “rescue” narratives muddying the reality of what sex work is–and what sex workers really need.

Donna Hughes, URI professor of sex worker demonization

Major props to Emily Schell,  another Brown University student that I had the pleasure of collaborating with this semester.- May 2016  https://decriminalizenow.wordpress.com

BRIGHT STAR  May 11th 2016

The Last Rescue of Brown University – May 11th 2016

Policing Identity: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the PIC (A Recap in Tweets) APRIL 27, 2015 by CHERISE MORRIS

Happy Endings? (1:14)

‘Happy Endings?’ is a documentary that explores the Asian Massage Parlor industry in Providence, RI. Follow ‘Heather’ a Korean immigrant, who opens a spa in August 2005, in a state where a loophole in the law does not make the exchange of sex for money a crime, as long as it happens “behind closed doors”.