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KJ Brooks spoke TRUTH to POWER at this Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners meeting. She was unapologetic as she gave them a piece of her mind, and called out KCPD for using Black kids as photo ops. FEARLESS –  Let’s hope she runs for office [link]













Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, June 12, 1956, #BLM






Symbolically, many of them still do play those hate games, in the same spirit of the 1950s, over family dinner at their kitchen tables, and in their private conversation that they have with their peers.  ‘”Hit the N****r Baby,” where they throw baseballs at black people’s heads for fun. Such carnival games, also known as “African Dodger,” “Hit the Negro,” or “Hit the Coon,” were still being played as late as the 1950s.’






This is the third show of The Good Neighbors, COYOTE RI’s own TV show. This episode covers December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and then moves on to an interview with Zoey Dash, a trans rights activist who works with HIPS.

This show was broadcasted on PEG RI-TV on December 22, 2019.


In this continuation of in-studio conversations with the CGU Computational Justice Lab, CGU professor Greg DeAngelo and Baylor University professor Scott Cunningham discuss the effects of technology and policy on sex work.


This is the second show of The Good Neighbors, COYOTE RI’s own TV show. This second episode, Ari Toole interviews Arya Serenity, COYOTE’s trans advocacy coordinator.
Among topics discussed include Arya’s experiences while incarcerated and her trans activism, including her work with Trans Lifeline.


The Good Neighbors Episode #1

This is the first show of The Good Neighbors, COYOTE RI’s own TV show. This first episode discusses what we do at COYOTE RI and SESTA/FOSTA.