Educational Videos & Audios 2022



Sex Work: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) link




“Torture in Our Name”  A new film by NRCAT link

Bella Robinson from COYOTE Rhode Island is joining Once INCarcerated Anonymous today to discuss Sex Worker Advocacy and Housing Rights! link


Reflections on “The Prison Nation Exhibit” – Davis Museum

Oversight Hearing on Clemency and the Office of the Pardon Attorney 5/18/22



Profile the Davis Museum exhibition, “Prison Nation. link


4/11 Human Rights Commission Event in Eugene, Oregon.



Out of the Shadows: The Movement to Decriminalize Sex Work



Stop The Raids, Stand With Sex Worker Rights During Super Bowl LVI 2022 [link]

Attica Prison Liberation Faction, Manifesto of Demands 1971

Art Slavery Update by Molly Crabapple 

Slaves of Happiness Island By Molly Crabapple


Cocaine was introduced to the US in 1884. By 1890 it was added to tons of products. In 1914, the NY Times published a racist article titled “Negro Cocaine Fiends Are a New Southern Menace” So it’s not surprising that the “War on Drugs” was used to justify the mass incarceration of POC.