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Senate Judiciary Committee (6/1/2023) SB913 (making prostitution a civil fine) &  S0892- (Immunity for Sex Workers & survivors) at the. 2:10:30 time Mark Link





40 yrs ago, a 10 yr old girl made this powerful piece of art  v12044gd0000chfpttrc77u4fei1b73g


RIP Carol Leigh

Copyslut – Hooker Homecoming (Official Music Video) Link




On 3/21/2023 Senator Bell introduced S372 sexual assault bill at the 9-minute mark. Bella testifies in support of S372 and asks for 2 amendments to S402  Video link here

On 3/21/23 At around 2:29:30, Senator Murry introduced S402, which does not address the amendments we suggested, and said she is willing to meet with anyone to discuss, so COYOTE will be reaching out to her next week, to request a meeting.


The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls Link





The @RhodeIslandDOC has released a “Class 86 Movie” about their boot camp-like training, which seems to be all about violence and control. Where’s the de-escalation training? Non-violent conflict resolution?


The United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit [link]