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2021 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO),

Backpage LLC V Dart 2015

A new podcast chronicles the rise and fall of the alt-weekly Link

FSC Statement on Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision in Texas Age Verification Challenge Link

Judge Sets Sentencing Dates for Backpage Defendants Link

Sentencing Date Set for Lacey, Other Backpage Defendants Link



Michael Lacey, to be sentenced on 51/24









Judge Sets Date for Third Trial of Journalist Michael Lacey Link

On Tues., Jan. 23, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Phoenix informed federal Judge Diane Humetewa of its intention to retry veteran journalist Michael Lacey on 84 counts, for which a jury did not return verdicts during a 2023 trial. Read more here

UPDATE JAN. 11, 2024: Judge Humetewa has ordered the government to inform the court by Jan. 23 whether or not it intends to retry veteran journalist Michael Lacey on the 84 counts on which the jury was hung.

Motion to Dismiss 12:4:2023

Backpage Defendants: Prosecutorial Misconduct Demands Acquittal or New Trial Link

Backpage Trial Ends with a Little Justice and a Mountain of Misery Link

Sex Workers Decry Verdicts in Backpage’s Federal Show Trial Link & Link

Once Again, DOJ Fails To Convict Backpage Boss Of Sex Trafficking Or Prostitution Link

Backpage: The Monumental Free Speech Case the Media Ignored Link

How the Federal Government Continues to Whitewash American History. #BackpageTrial Backpage Principals Convicted of $500M Prostitution Promotion Scheme Link

Backpage creator Michael Lacey dodges prostitution conviction Link

Jury Reaches Mixed Verdict in Backpage Owner, Execs Trial Link

Backpage founder convicted of 1 count of money laundering. Arizona jury deadlocks on 84 other counts- Judge declares another mistrial. Link

11/14/2023- #BackpageTrial: The jury came back with a note from 2 jurors saying they’ve only agreed on one of the 100 charges, describing an emotional situation in the jury room, and that the two signers believe that they are a “hung jury.” Described jurors offering “what if” opinions. Prosecutors said the jury should be given an “Allen charge,” asking jurors to reconsider. The defense objected, saying that it was inappropriate and that holdouts might perceive that as a directed verdict. Judge Humetewa sided with the prosecutors. Here is the language of Allen charge.

Prosecution Makes Last Minute Disclosure in Backpage Trial, Defense Attorney Moves for Dismissal Link

2023-11-09 Motion to Intervene to Object to Government’s Motion for Protective Order Link

Prosecution’s Rebuttal in Backpage Trial Presumes the Guilt of Millions Link

Parties in Backpage Trial Prepare to Battle over Seized Assets Link

Cambria Pleads Lacey’s Case in Backpage Trial Link

Jurors hear opposite views of whether Backpage founder knew the site was running sex ads Link

Sex Trafficking Expert Testifies for Defense in Backpage Trial, and the Relevance of Dan Hyer Link

Backpage defense begins its case-in-chief Link

Backpage Defense Calls First Two Witnesses, Prosecutor Ticked by Text Messages Link

Backpage Defense Moves for Acquittal, Prosecution Rests Link

Backpage Attorneys Undercut Testimony of NCMEC and Polaris Honchos Link

Backpage Trial Resumes Oct. 10, as Federal Prosecutors Ruin Lives Big Brother-style Link

Feds’ Songbird Carl Ferrer Crushed on Cross by Defense Attnys in Backpage Trial Link

Backpage Trial: Paul Cambria on Point, ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ Ferrer Fumbles Link

Backpage defense drags credibility of key witness Link

Backpage Judge Shoots Down Third Mistrial Motion, Saying Prosecution Hasn’t Pushed Envelope ‘Yet’ Link

Backpage Case Nearly Derails as Defense Calls Twice for Mistrial Link

Government, Carl Ferrer Mislead Jury about Michael Lacey, Village Voice Media, Backpage Link

Ex-Backpage Owner Carl Ferrer Sings for Prosecution, Defense Undercuts His Testimony Link

How John and Cindy McCain Came to Hate Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Link

Bill that Would Stop the Government Buying Data Without a Warrant Passes Key Hurdle Link

Appeals Court Upholds FOSTA, Narrowing Its Scope, but the Chill on Free Speech Continues Link

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) Link

U.S. Attorney’s Office Wants to Ban First Amendment in Free Speech Case Link

Lacey/Larkin: SCOTUS Decision in Hansen Case Supports Motion to Dismiss Link

Lacey/Larkin Blast Feds’ Bid To Ban First Amendment and Free Speech Link

Prosecutors Say Backpage Defendants Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Reference the 1st Amendment Link

Lacey/Larkin Judge Nixes Defense Motion on DOJ’s Janus-Faced Woodhull Arguments Link

Motion to Dismiss Calls Out DOJ Duplicity in Backpage/Woodhull Cases Link

Federal Judge Makes History in Holding That Border Searches of Cell Phones Require a Warrant Link

EARN IT Act Is Back, And It’s Still Terribly Destructive Link

The STOP CSAM Act Would Put Security and Free Speech at Risk Link

Kids Online Safety Act may harm minors, civil society groups warn Lawmakers Link

On the fifth anniversary of their arrests due to their former ownership of Backpage, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin still refuse to bow before the federal government. Link

Motion to Dismiss Calls Out DOJ Duplicity in Backpage/Woodhull Cases Link

Judge Reschedules Lacey/Larkin Retrial as Federal Prosecutors Court Another Mistrial Link

Could the RESTRICT Act Criminalize the Use of VPNs? Link

Reminder: Section 230 Protects You When You Forward An Email Link

Judge Suggests Trying Journalists Lacey and Larkin Separately from Co-Defendants in Retrial Link

Quick Debrief on the Gonzalez v. Google Oral Arguments Link

Forbes Scribe Blasts Cash App, Conflating Sex Work with Sex Trafficking link

Judge Schedules ‘Firm’ Start Date for Lacey/Larkin Retrial link

Woodhull’s FOSTA Challenge Lays Bare DOJ’s Lies in Lacey/Larkin Case Link

The Cato Institute, ‘Jawboning’ and the Crusade Against Backpage link

Humetewa Orders Nov 2 Status Conference in Lacy/Larkin Case to Discuss 2023 Trial Dates link

No date yet for the new Backpage trial, but it will likely be in 2023. That means a SIXTH calendar year that this prosecution has been hanging over the defendants’ heads (and sapping up government time and resources) link

Ninth Circuit Panel Rejects Lacey/Larkin’s Double Jeopardy Appeal link

The Erotic Services Providers Legal Education & Research Project, Joins Appeal Court Case to Support 1st Amendment Rights link

COYOTE RI urges DC Circuit Court to overturn harmful sex trafficking law link

CDT Files Amicus Brief Challenging Constitutionality of FOSTA link

CoyoteRI AMICI FOSTA Appeal 2022


WOODHULL FREEDOM FOUNDATION, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, ERIC KOSZYK, JESSE MALEY a/k/a ALEX ANDREWS, and THE INTERNET ARCHIVE. “Appellants opening brief” filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on 9/6/2022 

2022-09-06 Appellants Opening Brief

9th Circuit Hears Arguments in Appeal link

Lacey/Larkin Appeal Argued at the Ninth, Where the Government Drops ‘Napalm,’ Yet Again link

Oral arguments in the Lacey/Larkin Appeal #backpage around the 1 hr 34-minute mark. Sept 2nd, 2022  link

Who Would Benefit From California’s Age-Appropriate Design Code? Apparently Porn Companies, Privacy Lawyers, And Medical Disinfo Peddlers. But Not Kids link

Ninth Circuit Sets Tentative Date for Oral Arguments in Lacey/Larkin Case link

Backpage’s Victories in Federal and State CourtsFPC, July 11, 2022

CDT & the ACLU filed amicus briefs on behalf of a coalition of civil rights, human rights, and sex workers rights organizations in Doe v. Twitter and M.H. v., two cases that will set important new precedent interpreting the Allowing States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA). link

Prosecution Hits First Amendment Iceberg in Lacey/Larkin Case 5/9/22 link

Digital Security and Privacy Tips for Those Involved in Abortion Access 5/4/22 link

The New Campaign for a Sex-Free Internet; Sex, Money, and the future of Online Free Speech [link] May 2022

Eschewing independent research, as well as (apparently) the use of Google, Washington Post editor E.J. Graff guzzles the proverbial Kool-Aid in her review of “Taking Down Backpage.” [link] April 13th, 2022

Texas Judges Claim Jurisdiction Over Facebook Lawsuit Challenging Section 230 [link] April 13th, 2022

Federal Vendetta Against Lacey and Larkin Enters Fourth Year [link] April 7th, 2022

Federal Online Sex Trafficking Law Survives First Amendment Look [link] March 30th, 2022


When pre-trial wranglings endangered the case against storied newspapermen and former Backpage owners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, federal prosecutors deliberately defied judicial orders, provoking defense attorneys into moving for a mistrial. March 22st, 2022

Ignoring EARN IT’s Fourth Amendment Problem Won’t Make It Go Away– March 11th, 2022

Is There a Constitutional Right to Sex Work? February 1st, 2022

Senators Rush EARN IT Act Through Committee as Controversy Mounts- February 10th, 2022

It’s Back: Senators Want EARN IT Bill to Scan All Online Messages- February 3rd, 2022

Senate’s New EARN IT Bill Will Make Child Exploitation Problem Worse, Not Better, And Still Attacks Encryption- February 1st, 2022

The EARN IT Act Is Back. Here’s What People Are Saying.- February 1st, 2022

Tech’s Censorship of Porn & the Difficulty of Getting Paid January 26th, 2022

Digital Rights Experts Warn Against the Democrats’ Sprawling ‘America COMPETES’ Bill- January 26th, 2022

Judge Dismisses Backpage. com-Related Lawsuit Against Salesforce January 25th, 2022

Reason Magazine Crushes Maggy Krell’s Cockamamie Claim That She ‘Took Down’ Backpage- January 21st, 2022

Facts Contradict Maggy Krell’s Claim that Backpage’s Demise Helped Victims/Survivors- January 17th, 2022

Kamala Harris’ Ex-Underling Maggy Krell Did Not ‘Break’ Backpage, as NY Daily News Claims January 9th, 2022

Judge Vacates Feb. 9 Trial Date in Lacey/Larkin Case, Awaiting Outcome of Ninth Circuit Appeal- January 11th, 2022

NY Senator Proposes Ridiculously Unconstitutional Social Media Law That Is The Mirror Opposite Of Equally Unconstitutional Laws In Florida & Texas- January 3rd, 2022

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss for Double Jeopardy in Lacey/Larkin CaseDecember 30th, 2021

The prosecution, Defense in Lacey/Larkin Case Lock Horns over Motion to Dismiss for Double Jeopardy- December 6th, 2021

Lacey/Larkin Defense: Government ‘Goaded’ Mistrial as Part of Pattern of Misconduct- December 2nd, 2021

Judge Humetewa: Ties to John McCain Do Not Merit Recusal in Lacey/Larkin Case- November 20th, 2021

Lacey/Larkin Defense Asks Judge to Release Portion of Illegally-Seized Assets- November 18, 2021

McCains Cast ‘Long Shadow’ over Lacey/Larkin Case- November 12th, 2021

Lacey/Larkin Motion Questions Judge Humetewa’s Ties to John McCain- November 6th, 2021

Judge Brnovich Recuses Self from Lacey/Larkin CaseOctober 29th, 2021

Netflix Says Algorithm Is Protected by First Amendment in 13 Reasons Why Suicide Lawsuit- October 27th, 2021

Defense Attorneys Move to Dismiss Lacey/Larkin Case for Double Jeopardy- October 22, 2021

Prosecutors (Again) Falsely Equate ‘Escorts’ with ‘Prostitution’ in Latest Filing in Lacey/Larkin Case October 19th, 2021

Arizona AG Threatens Facebook with ‘Sex Trafficking’ Investigation- October 15th, 2021

Biden’s Total Financial Surveillance- October 2021

Credit-card firms are becoming reluctant regulators of the web: From sex to free speech, what goes online is increasingly up to financial companies- October 16th, 2021

Lacey/Larkin Trial Reset to Feb. 22 as Feds Block Exculpatory DOJ MemosOctober 7th, 2021

Reason Magazine Blasts ‘The Collapsing Federal Prostitution Case Against’- October 5tth, 2021

The Collapsing Federal Prostitution Case Against Backpage– October 4th, 2021

The Feds’ Epic Fail: Judge Declares Mistrial in Lacey/Larkin Case- September 15th, 2021

Judge Declares Mistrial at Trial of Founders- September 14th, 2021

Anti-Porn Crusader Sharon Cooper Testifies for Prosecution in Lacey/Larkin Trial, Defense Moves for Mistrial- September 14th, 2021

Paul Cambria Tears Kamala Harris’ Fave Cop a New One on Cross in Lacey/Larkin Trial- September 13th, 2021

The government reached a sewer-like low on Sep. 3 during federal prosecutor Reggie Jones’ opening statement in the Phoenix trial of veteran newspapermen, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. September 8th, 2021

Judge Declares Mistrial in Lacey/Larkin Case, Front Page Confidential (FPC), 9/14/21

Jury Selection in Lacey/Larkin Trial Could Wrap Up on ThursdaySeptember 2nd, 2021

Backpage Kingpins Go on Trial—and Sex Workers May Pay the Price- September 1st, 2021

Ex-Backpage owners head to trial over alleged sex ads- August 31st, 2021


Feds Fight First Amendment Defense in Lacey/Larkin TrialAugust 30th, 2021

In the past week, federal Judge Susan Brnovich twice changed the start date of the Lacey/Larkin trial- August 18th, 2021

Judge Delays Lacey/Larkin Trial over COVID Concerns, while Free Speech Hangs in the Balance- August 16th, 2021

The Lies This Time August 2021

Enough About FOSTA’s ‘Unintended Consequences’; They Were Always Intended- July 29th, 2021

One Month Till Lacey/Larkin Trial: Government Hides Grand Jury Instructions, Refuses to Define ‘ProstitutionJuly 26th, 2021

Facebook must face a sex-trafficking suit, Texas judge rules-  June 28th, 2021

Sex Trafficking: Online Platforms and Federal Prosecutions June 21st, 2021

Lead Prosecutor in Lacey/Larkin Case Falsely Claims ‘Escort Services’ Same as Prostitution Under Law- June 20th, 2021

The Lies This Time– July 19th, 2021

Sex Trafficking: Online Platforms and Federal Prosecutions- June 2021

GAO Report on Negative Effects of FOSTA and Backpage Takedown,  U.S. Government Accountability Office, June 2021

Internet sex trafficking law FOSTA-SESTA is almost never used, says government report- June 24th, 2021

Prosecutors’ ‘Murder Motion’ in Lacey/Larkin Case Fails, but Feds Can Still Smear Defendants at Trial- May 14th, 2021

On April 5, 2021, a Ninth Circuit Appeals Court panel shot down a defense request in the Lacey/Larkin case to order Judge Brnovich’s recusal.

Judge Brnovich Rejects Defense Subpoena to AG Brnovich in Lacey/Larkin CaseFebruary 23rd, 2021

Lacey/Larkin Trial Date Rescheduled– February 2021

Ninth Circuit Sets Date in Lacey/Larkin Bid to Boot JudgeJanuary 26th, 2021

Ninth Orders Government to Respond to Mandamus Petition after Judge Brnovich Claims Lacey/Larkin Case ‘Not About Backpage’ December 7th, 2020

Lacey and Larkin Ask Ninth Circuit to Order Judge Brnovich’s Recusal- November 19th, 2020

Judge Whose A.G. Spouse Bashes Backpage Won’t Recuse Herself From Backpage Trial- Oct 30th, 2020

Lacey/Larkin Trial Delayed Again– Oct 10th, 2020

In a recent motion filed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix, ex-Backpage owners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin ask that federal Judge Susan Brnovich recuse herself from their case. October 7th, 2020

Plaintiffs Continue Effort to Overturn FOSTA, One of the Broadest Internet Censorship Laws- September 17th, 2020

FBI Violates Fourth Amendment, Returns Some Personal Property to Lacey/Larkin- September 11th, 2020

Ninth Circuit Panel Dismisses Appeal of Asset Seizures in Lacey/Larkin Case for Lack of Jurisdiction- August 28th, 2020


Three-Time Loser Joe Arpaio and His Infamous 2007 Attack on the First Amendment-August 7th, 2020

The EARN IT Act passes out of the Senate Judiciary Committee  July 2nd, 2020

Supreme Court rules LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination- June 2020

Judge Orders Delay to Lacey/Larkin Trial over COVID-19 Concerns June 30th, 2020

First, the Court decided Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International, upholding a limitation on USAID grant funding to organizations with “a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking” because foreign corporations operating abroad “possess no rights under the First Amendment,”  June 29th, 2020- Read more here 

DOJ Finally Uses FOSTA, Over Two Years Later… To Shut Down A Site Used By Sex Workers- June 24th, 2020

In the landmark case, Supreme Court rules LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination- June 15th, 2020

SEX TRAFFICKING Online Platforms and Federal Prosecutions June 2021

Lacey/Larkin Shred Feds’ Blueprint for Censorship in Asset Seizure Fight-  May 20, 2020

Trump expected to sign an executive order that could threaten punishment against Facebook, Google, and Twitter over allegations of political bias- May 27th, 2020

Prosecutors double-down on unhinged character assassination in the Lacey/Larkin case, urging the trial judge to admit evidence of homicides, in spite of zero links to the defendants.-  May 22nd, 2020

The attorney-client privilege, which protects the confidentiality of communications between counsel and client, is a cornerstone of the American justice system. May 14th, 2020

The EARN IT Act is a disaster amid the COVID-19 crisisMay 4, 2020

HISTORIC—SUPREME COURT – HIV/AIDS nonprofits are challenging a law requiring groups to oppose prostitution to get federal fundingMay 5th, 2020

Once Upon a Time … in Tempe: The Early Days of Phoenix New Times May 1st, 2020

Ninth Circuit Shoots Down Feds’ Bid to Dismiss Lacey/Larkin Appeal of Asset Seizures- April 11th, 2020

Good News: Adult Businesses CAN Apply For SBA Disaster Loans- April 3rd, 2020

Opponents of FOSTA law win Appeals Court victory- March 11th, 2020

FOSTA Constitutional Challenge Revived–Woodhull Freedom Foundation v. US– January 27th, 2020


Lacey/Larkin Judge Tosses Motion Alleging Feds Poisoned Grand Jury ProceedingsJanuary 17th, 2020

Judge Rejects First Amendment Arguments Against Feds’ Seizure of Lacey/Larkin’s Assets; Lacey and Larkin Appeal- January 10th, 2020

Civil FOSTA Suits Start Showing Up In Court; Prove That FOSTA Supporters Were 100% Wrong About Who Would Be Targeted- January 9th, 2020

Village Voice Media’s Investigative Series on Sex Trafficking Still Rocks- January 1st, 2020

FBI Shattered Backpage Evidence “Into a Million Pieces,” Says Expert- December 2019

Witnesses Describe the FBI’s Mishandling of Computer Servers in Backpage November 13th, 2019

Judge Rejects First Amendment Arguments in Lacey and Larkin Case- October 29th, 2019

Backpage v The Feds- Podcast October 2019

Prosecutors Poisoned Grand Jury Process in Lacey and Larkin CaseOctober 25th, 2019

Feds Bungled Preservation of Server Evidence in U.S. v. Lacey and Larkin October 8th, 2019

Episode 48: Woodhull’s Legal Challenge to FOSTA/SESTA

Friday, September 20, 2019, 9:30 A.M. USCA Courtroom 31 – Judges Rogers, 18-5298 Woodhull Freedom Foundation v. USA

Hearing Friday: Plaintiffs Challenging FOSTA Ask Court to Reinstate Lawsuit Seeking To Block Its Enforcement-September 18th, 2019

Feds Stonewall on Access to Backpage’s Servers in Lacey and Larkin CaseSeptember 17th, 2019

Rep. Ro Khanna To Introduce Bill To Study Impact Of FOSTA On Sex Workers– September 16th, 2019

Secret Memos Show the Government Has Been Lying About Backpage- August 26th, 2019

Judge Denies Feds’ Bid to Sanction Lacey and Larkin Over WIRED Story August 20th, 2019


Ninth Circuit Hands Lacey and Larkin a Partial Win in Latest Battle over Seized Assets- July 30th, 2019

Ninth Circuit Judges Mull First Amendment Challenge to Seizures of Ex-Backpage Owners’ Assets -July 12th, 2019

“Judge Delays Trial of Ex-Backpage Owners and Execs Till May 5, 2020” July 3rd, 2019

Woodhull, HRW Anti-FOSTA Lawsuit to Hit Appeals Court Sept. 20

Woodhull’s Fight Against FOSTA Returns to Court September 20th

The War on Is a War on Sex Workers -June 26th, 2019

Inside Backpage’s Vicious Battle With the Feds, Christine Biederman, WIRED cover story, 6/18/19


Four Civil Liberties Organizations File Amicus Briefs in Support of Backpage Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss May 29th, 2019

Grindr and Armslist Cases Reaffirm Core Protections for User-Generated Content -May 17th, 2019

New “Evidence” in Backpage Case Reveals Government’s Flawed Prosecution -May 8th, 2019

The Human Cost Of FOSTA- May 7th, 2019

21 States Inadvertently Tell The DC Circuit That The Plaintiffs Challenging FOSTA Have A Case- May 2nd, 2019

21 States Inadvertently, Tell The DC Circuit That The Plaintiffs Challenging FOSTA Have A Case- May 2nd, 2019

Extra, Extra! All of FPC’s Coverage of the Backpage Case in One Place -April 28th, 2019

Attorney General Moody Asks DMS to Evaluate State Contract with Company that Provided Services to Backpage.comApril 3rd, 2019

At Reason Foundation Event in Phoenix, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Denounce Government Overreach in Backpage Case -March 13th, 2019

How the Feds Are Using Civil Asset Forfeiture to Threaten Free Speech-Sex, publishing, and quasi-legal theft collide in the Backpage prosecution.-February 20th,

Against FOSTA/SESTA: One Canary’s Cry From Inside the Coal Mine  By Lucy Kahn- Feb 2019

The Death Of The Dabbler and The Erasure Of Sex Work From The Common Internet- By Grace Marie- Feb 2019

Global Implications Of FOSTA  By Meghan Peterson- Feb 2019

REJECTED-Sex Workers Say Kamala Harris Won’t Be Their Woman in 2020- January 23rd, 2019

Facebook’s Sexual Solicitation Policy is a Honeypot for Trolls -December 7th, 2018

Online sex ads rebound, months after the shutdown of Backpage -November 28th, 2018

Lawyers, Guns, and Money (And to Hell with Free Speech) November 4th, 2018


10/9/18: Woodhull v. FOSTA. Woodhull et al v. the United States of America. Notice of 

BREAKING: Woodhull Freedom Foundation Appeals FOSTA Ruling– Oct 16th, 2018

Federal Judge in Case Rules for Defense Team in Crucial First Amendment Victory Oct 15th, 2018

Federal Judge Denies Government Bid to Disqualify First Amendment Attorneys from Backpage Defense Team  Oct 13th, 2018

Washington Post Gives ‘Three Pinocchios’ To Rep. Ann Wagner For Falsely Claiming FOSTA Stopped 90% of Sex Trafficking Ads-  Oct 12th, 2018

Backpage Defense Team Wages First Amendment Battle on Two Fronts -Oct 9th, 2018

District Court Misses The Forest For The Trees In Dismissing Constitutional Challenge To FOSTA -Sept 25th, 2018

A side effect of trafficking law: More street prostitution?- Sept 24th, 2018

How John and Cindy McCain Came to Hate Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin- September 17th, 2018 Founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin Were Accused of Sex Trafficking by the Senate. Now They Tell Their Story: Reason Roundup -Aug 21st, 2018

The Senate Accused Them of Selling Kids for Sex. The FBI Raided Their Homes.’s Founders Speak for the First Time.  -August 21st, 2018

Backpage’s Sales Director Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy August 18th, 2018

2257 Judge Delivers Big Win in Final Judgment, Decree- August 6th, 2018

House Judiciary Committee Falsely Claims Credit For Stopping 90% of All Sex Trafficking Because Of FOSTA-  July 24, 2018

Woodhull Freedom Foundation et al. v. the United States  June 2018

Lawsuit to Stop FOSTA Gets Court Hearing, But Nothing Happens– July 19th, 2018

Woodhull Freedom Foundation et al. v. the United States motion for preliminary injunction and memorandum of law in support. June 28th, 2018

Hearing Thursday: EFF Asks Court to Block Enforcement of FOSTA While Lawsuit Proceeds- July 17th, 2018

Justice Department Seeks Dismissal of FOSTA Lawsuit-  July 12th, 2018

FOSTA Judge Gives Justice Department an Extension of Time  -July 10th, 2018

FSC, Justice Department Can’t Agree About Proposed 2257 Judgment -July 9th, 2018

More Police Admitting That FOSTA/SESTA Has Made It Much More Difficult To Catch Pimps And Traffickers– July 9th, 2018


EFF Sues to Invalidate FOSTA, an Unconstitutional Internet Censorship Law- June 28th, 2018

New Lawsuit Challenges FOSTA – The Federal Law Sparking Website Shutdowns- June 28th, 2018

Woodhull Freedom Foundation et al. v. the United States  June 28, 2018

National Sex Workers’ Summit Culminates in Manifesto Calling for Decriminalization of Prostitution-  June 25th,2018

January 2020 trial set for founders– April 30th, 2018




 A Vest Pocket Guide to Brothels in 19th-Century New York for Gentlemen

Hearing set for jailed Backpage founder in a case over sex ads– April 16th, 2018

Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer pleads guilty in three states, agrees to testify against other website officials– April 13th, 2018

Backpage Founder’s 93 Charges Lack Actual Sex-Trafficking Claims April 9th, 2018

Backpage execs indicted on federal prostitution, money laundering charges April 9th, 2018

New Backpage Ruling Lays Bare Some of the Lies Undergirding FOSTA April 2nd, 2018

Backpage inditement -March 28th, 2018

On April 6, 2018, Backpage was seized by the United States Department of Justice, and it was reported that Michael Lacey’s home had been raided by authorities.[86] The seizure came in the wake of the passing of the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), which amends Section 230 to explicitly exclude federal or state sex trafficking laws from its immunity. Although the bill had been passed in March, it had yet been signed into law on the day of the seizure. Critics of the bill, which was primarily designed to target Backpage,[87] had argued that the bill was unnecessary because of established case law making websites liable for knowingly facilitating sex trafficking.[88][89][90] Technically the seizure has been performed by the FBI and the nameservers of the domains were changed to “” in order to display the authorities seized page.[91

In late March 2018 and early April 2018, courts in Massachusetts and Florida affirmed that Backpage’s facilitation of sex trafficking fell outside of the immunity granted by Section 230 safe harbors. The latter ruling argued that because Backpage “materially contributed to the content of the advertisement” by censoring specific keywords, it became a publisher of content and thus no longer protected.[

District Court Ruling Highlights Congress’ Hastiness To Pass ‘Worst of Both Worlds FOSTA’– Doe 1 v. Backpage– March 30, 2018

DOJ Says they have concerns FOSTA February 27th, 2018

Prosecutors And Anti-Sex Trafficking Advocates Aren’t Happy With The Government’s  Treatment Of Backpage- by Tim Cushing -Feb 14th, 2017


Kamala Harris Slaps New Charges on Backpage, in a Case that Threatens Tech Sector- By ETHAN BARON- Dec 23rd, 2016

Some Comments on the CA/TX Attorneys’ General Prosecution of Backpage’s Executives-  · by  October 13, 2016 CEO Carl Ferrer Arrested in Texas for Pimping, Conspiracy Oct 6th, 2016

Supreme Court declines sheriff’s appeal in Backpage sex ads fight- Oct 3rd, 2016

Sex Workers Joint statement regarding the harassment of backpage – Nov 2016

Sheriff Dart, Meet the First Amendment  Dec 2nd, 2015

Seventh Circuit Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner’s decision in Backpage v. Dart,11/30/15

Doe v. LLC – SCOTUSblog 2015 v. Hoffman, et al. | Digital Media Law Project 2013

BACKPAGE.COM, LLC V. MCKENNA– 2012, LLC v. Cooper – Casetext  2012

Real Men Get Their Facts StraightThe Village Voice, 6/29/11

M.A. v. Village Voice Media Holdings, 2010

 Craigslist to Remove Category for ‘Erotic Services’ –  May 2009

Dart v. Craigslist, Inc. – Wikipedia 2009

Craigslist’s agreement with attorneys general around the country, anyone who posts an “erotic services” ad will be required to provide a working phone number and pay a fee with a valid credit card.  Nov 2008

Lacey and Larkin were arrested in Arizona by then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office in 2007 for publishing information about a secret grand jury subpoena demanding information on its stories and online readers. They won a $3.75 million settlement from the county government as a result of their now-discredited arrests.

Backpage was a classified advertising website launched in 2004.

ESPLERP v Gascon

Doe v. MySpace Inc. – Wikipedia 1995

Norma Jean Almodovar and R.n. Bullard, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Ira Reiner, Burton J. Schneirow, Darryl Gates, Joseph Conti, and James G. Como, Defendants-appellees, 832 F.2d 1138 (9th Cir. 1987)