2019 Articles


US Interior Department cuts sexual orientation from anti-discrimination guidelines- December 28th, 2019

Prosecutors turn up the heat on Patriots owner Robert Kraft– December 27th, 2019

A Decade Of Dominion: How U.S. Policing Restricted Black Life Over The Past 10 Years- December 27th, 2019

What the Prison-Abolition Movement Wants- December 26th, 2019

I Was Jailed for my Trafficker’s Death. I’m Free Now—But Other Women Languish.  December 26th, 2019

Transgender man sends 4,000 Christmas cards to LGBT+ people disowned by families- December 25th, 2019


Trans man still being held by ICE after judge overturns his conviction, rules he’s a human trafficking survivor- December 23rd, 2019

Democrats Take a Small Step Toward Decriminalizing Sex WorkDecember 18th, 2019

He was sexually abusing underage girls. Then, police said, one of them killed him. December 17th, 2019

Throw Away Kids‘We are sending more foster kids to prison than college’ December 15th, 2019


Big cities worried that new sex work law could harm ‘vulnerable’ sex workers in AmsterdamDecember 12th, 2019

Interview with “Cop to Call Girl” — Norma Jean Almodovar- December 12th, 2019


A Florida man launched a nonprofit to save sex trafficking victims. He was actually luring teen girls into prostitution, prosecutors say. December 10th, 2019

Judge’s ruling limits the use of sex trafficking defense in a homicide caseDecember 9th, 2018

Inside the War Pitting Sex Workers Against Seth and Alexi Meyers- December 6th, 2019

Adult film performers say the state of mental health in the industry needs more attention- December 6th, 2019

Twitter to introduce stricter content NSFW guidelines — worrying adult content creators- December 5th, 2019

I Told My Mentor I Was a Dominatrix. She rescinded her letters of recommendation- December 5th, 2019

The Cops Are Culture Warriors- December 5th, 2019

Leibee: Let’s end the stigma around sex workers- December 4th, 2019

Modern slavery policy does not set people free- December 2nd, 2019

The Making of a Health Clinic for Sex Workers, by Sex Workers November 26th, 2019

This Former Sex Worker Reviewed the Terrible Johns That Reviewed Her- November 26th, 2019

Opponents of sex work decriminalization launch 2020 legislative fight  November 26th, 2019

How Radical Anti-Porn Zealots Became the Media’s Sexploitation ‘Experts’- November 26th, 2019

Repressing sex work in France in the name of women’s rights and migrants’ control- November 22nd, 2019

‘He Wouldn’t Look Me in the Eye’ – Sex Workers on Their GP Visits- November 19th, 2019

Rethinking the Online Sex Trade Debate- November 21st, 2019

Here’s how working in the sex industry prepared me to be a wife and motherNovember 15th, 2019

Women and girls said a Hialeah cop sexually assaulted them. The chief gave him a raise. November 14th, 2019

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Calls To Decriminalize Sex Work In Criminal Justice Resolution- November 14th, 2019

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in needNovember 14th, 2019

‘You’re not a serial killer, right?’ she texted before she died. Prosecutors say that’s exactly what he was. November 11th, 2018

Houston Tries to Banish Sex Workers- November 11th, 2019

Remembering the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre When Police Shot Dead Three Unarmed Black Students- November 8th, 2019

What we talk about when we talk about traffickingNovember 4th, 2019

Why D.C. sex workers are flocking to Logan Circle: 7 On Your Side investigatesNovember 4th, 2019

How Red Canary Song Is Advocating for Migrant Sex Workers- October 30th, 2019


Review of Red Light Labour: Sex Work Regulation, Agency, and Resistance- October 29th, 2019

Massage Parlors with ‘Happy Endings’ Give These Sex Workers a Decent LivingOctober 28th, 2019

Anti-Trafficking Group ‘Saved In America’ Losing Support- Oct 25th, 2019

Number of students turning to sex work doubles in two years, survey indicatesOctober 23rd, 2019

Liberal Feminism Has a Sex Work Problem– October 24th, 2019

Cyntoia Brown: trafficked, enslaved, jailed for life at 16 – and fighting back- October 23rd, 2019

Inside Porn’s Scary Death-Threat Epidemic: ‘You’re Always Looking Over Your Shoulder’ -October 19th, 2019

Sentenced to Life in Prison as a Teen, How Cyntoia Brown Survived Sex Trafficking & Won Her Freedom- October 18th, 2019

D.C. leaders hear from the public over a proposal to decriminalize sex work- October 18th, 2019

The Unspoken Complexity of “Self-Care”October 17th, 20219

Cash/Consent The war on sex work October 2019

Kansas made this sex trafficking survivor a criminal. She wants another chance.- October 14th, 2019

Here are the indigenous people Christopher Columbus and his men could not annihilate- October 14th,2019

A Hacker Stole 250K User Account Details from a Dutch Sex Work Site- October 10th, 2019

Field notes from the war on sex – A century ago, the Committee of Fifteen hunted for “houses of ill-fame.”-  October 10th, 2019

Cop Acquitted for Rape, Despite 5 Videos Showing Him Having Sex With a Child- October 7th, 2019

Who’s Getting Punished for Sex Crimes at Florida Day Spas? Here’s a Hint: It’s NOT the Men- October 7th, 2019


Constance Wu’s real-life ‘Hustlers’ inspiration and the problem with model minority redemption narratives- October 4th, 2019

Should sex work be decriminalized?- Oct 3rd, 2019

Demands grow for Canada to decriminalize sex work after the election October 3rd, 2019

Anti-Sex Work Feminists Try to ‘Rescue’ Strippers With ‘Revenge Porn Tactics’ -October 1st, 2019


Sex Work is Not the Same as Sexual Exploitation- September 30th, 2019

How to Take on America’s Screwed-Up Foster Care System and WinSeptember 30th, 2019

Sex workers seek rights-minded funder– September 26th, 2019

Rights, rescues, and resistance in the global movement for sex workers’ rights – introducing the series- September 23rd, 2019

Selling sex amidst the Philippine drug war- Sept 23rd, 2019

Sex work is legal here. But only if you register with the policeSeptember 2019

Twitter Is Asking Sex Workers If They’re Bots and Demanding Their Phone Numbers- September 20th, 2019

US law criminalizes sex workers for discussing work online- September 20th, 2019

Don’t Destroy the Constitution To Fight Drag Queen Reading Hour- September 20th, 2019

Sanders Calls for a National Right to HousingSeptember 18th, 2019

Sex work law change ’caused a spike in demand’-September 19th, 2019

Why Some Sex Workers Aren’t Happy About ‘Hustlers- September 18th, 2019

Miami Velvet Case a Reminder: Don’t Use Images to Which You Don’t Have Rights (YNOT)- September 17th, 2019

Merriam-Webster adds ‘they’ as a nonbinary pronoun -September 17th, 2019

Sheffield strip club keeps license despite opposition by the feminist coalition– September 17th, 2019

The murky status of SA’s ‘sex for accommodation’ marketSeptember 16th, 2019

Sex Worker Pride 2019– September 16th, 2019

When American Waitresses Were Labeled ‘Women of Ill Repute’September 16th, 2019

Sex Workers Make Great Therapists – But They’re Locked Out of the JobSeptember 12th, 2019

The brothels of Little Rock– September 8th, 2019

Margaret Atwood speaks in favor of ’empowering’ strip club workSeptember 13th, 2019

After the brutal beating of now-paralyzed Florida inmate, women take to social media to protest -September 7th, 2019

Des Moines attorney unveils her life as a prostitute- September 5th, 2019

Next Left: Tiffany Cabán Has Only Begun to FightSeptember 3rd, 2019

MailChimp Banning Sex Educators. Who’s Next? -Sept 1st, 2019

Sex Work and the 2020 Presidential CampaignAugust 30th, 2019

In Secretive Court Hearing, NYPD Cops Who Raped Brooklyn Teen in Custody Get No Jail Time- August 30th, 2019

An NYC Grassroots Movement Vows to Keep Watch on Prosecutors- August 29th, 2019


West Virginia state senator charged with prostitution August 28th, 2019

A cop forced a trans woman to have sex with him. He pled guilty to paying a prostitute.August 28th, 2019

It’s Time to Start Imagining a Post-Police World — Why Abolishing the Police is Not a Crazy Idea -August 25th, 2019

FBI Doubles Down on Annual Roust of Sex Workers, Renames Vice Raids, ‘Operation Independence Day-August 23rd, 2019

Judge to rule whether Muhlaysia Booker will be identified as man or woman during the trial of her own murder-Aug 23rd, 2019

Woman accused in sex spa case takes plea in Martin County- August 22nd, 2019

Portland Rejects Proud Boys & Other Ultra-Right Groups as Trump Tries to Criminalize Antifa- August 20th,2019

How Tiffany Cabán Lost the Vote But Won the Fight in Queens Aug 2019

Why Sex Workers Are Wary of Elizabeth WarrenAugust 15th, 2019

Suppressing Sexuality- August 15th, 2019

In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.– August 14th, 2019

BBC denies ‘misrepresenting sex workers’ in the new Louis Theroux documentary -August 12th, 2019

Leaked Draft of Executive Order to “Censor the Internet” Sets Off Alarm Bells -August 11th, 2019

Banks Have the Power to Ruin Your Sex Life -August 8th, 2019


Law change urged as migrant women overwhelmingly convicted of brothel-keeping– August 8th, 2019

Lap dancers sue feminist campaigners for secretly filming them dancing naked-August 7th, 2019

COLLATERAL DAMAGE. How LA’s fight against sex trafficking is hurting vulnerable women -August 7th, 2019

Cyntoia Brown released from prison after serving 15-years of a life sentence– August 7th, 2019

Dynamic Lives, Dynamic Identities: Representing Agency and Victimhood Within the Lives of Women in Sex Work–  August 7th, 2019

Opinion: Even A Grammar Geezer Like Me Can Get Used To Gender-Neutral Pronouns– August 6th, 2019

The regressiveness of Officer Kamala. How the California senator’s sex work record could prove a stumbling block August 5th, 2019

Sex worker rights: Hysteria, surveillance, and threats to fundamental freedoms-  August 6th,2019

Socialists Should Support Sex Workers’ Rights– August 2019

The movement to decriminalize sex work, explained- August 2nd, 2019

Fox News: FBI “Re-Evaluates” Annual Roust of Sex Workers- July 29th, 2019

  Sex worker industry skeptical of Kamala Harris conversion to backing prostitution decriminalization- July 24th, 2019

California legislature passes a bill to protect sex workers’ rightsJuly 11th, 2019

How Pornhub Enables Doxing and Harassment- July 16th, 2019

The Fight for Decriminalizing Sex Work Is About Justice- July 15th,2019

How Layleen Cubilette-Polanco’s Family, the House of Xtravaganza, and Activists Are Mourning and Organizing a Month After Her Death- July 12th, 2019

Trump labor secretary who cut Epstein deal plans to slash funds for sex trafficking victims– July 10th, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender who is friends with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, explainedJuly 8th, 2019

Amid immigration crackdown, undocumented abuse victims hesitate to come forwardJuly 4th, 2019

Mayor Halsema: “Relocating prostitution is an option” -Amsterdam July 3rd, 2019

Sex workers Amsterdam’s Red Light District: It’s not too crowded and we don’t want to move away!  -July 3rd, 2019


Hawaii law on prostitution convictions is 1st in the nation -July 3rd, 2019

How Stonewall Veteran Jay Toole’s Life Has Changed Since the Riots—and How It Hasn’t July 2nd, 2019

The push to decriminalize sex work in New York

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Defiant in New Documentary by Reason Magazine- June 30th, 2019

Sex Workers Are an Important Part of the Stonewall Story, But Their Role Has Been Forgotten -June 27th, 2019

We’re About to See What Happens When Prosecutors Don’t Target Sex Workers -June 27th, 2019

Lawsuit Seeking to Close Nevada Brothels Likely to Be Dismissed- June 26th, 2019

Cambodia jails translator over fake news’ sex trafficking film -June 26th, 2019

Cabán Offers Community-Based Solutions to Protect Immigrant Communities of Color -June 25th, 2019

It’s time for the anti-trafficking sector to stand up for decriminalization of sex work -June 24th, 2019

The Forgotten Trans History of the Wild West -June 21st, 2019

Billionaires Can Buy Sex and Not Go to Jail. Why Can’t You? -June 21st, 2019

When The Robert Kraft Case Fell Apart, The Women Were Left To Pay The Price -June 20th, 2019

Sex workers say they are being ‘harassed’ by SA Police as decriminalization debate continues -June 17th, 2019

‘Yelp for Sex’: Review Boards That Rate Women Flourish After Crackdown on Ad Sites- June 14th, 2020

The two-fronted fight of sex workers against trafficking -June 14th, 2019

Official Instagram, Facebook Reps Agree to Meet APAG Leaders to Discuss Sex Worker, Adult Industry IssuesJune 14th, 2019

Strippers Are Turning To Old-School Union Tactics To Fight For Fair Wages -June 13th, 2019

Exxxotica Organizers Win $650K Settlement from Dallas Over Show Ban -June 13th, 2019

New York Activists Are Leading the Charge on Sex Work Decriminalization  -June 13th, 2019

The fight for fundamental rights for sex workers in South Africa-  June 12th, 2019

Maggie McNeill’s Film The War on WhoresHarpoons the Rank Hypocrisy of the Rescue Industry -June 12th, 2019

Sex Work Is a Hot and Messy 2020 Political Issue -June 12th, 2019

A change in Irish law was meant to help sex workers. So why are they being jailed -June 12th, 2019

New York introduces America’s first bill decriminalizing sex work -June 11th, 2019

Opinion: A Sex Worker Says Decriminalization Means a Safer Workplace -June 10th, 2019

Will she flip? Deputies urge the woman to say she was traffickedJune 10th, 2019

A Historic Breakthrough for Sex Workers’ Rights June 9th, 2019

International Sex Workers Day- AMOR’s 2nd Annual Grill-Off- June 8th, 2019


Are Americans ready to legalize prostitution?– June 7th, 2019

Violet Blue Skewers Ashton Kutcher’s Thorn and the Entire Sex Trafficking Industrial Complex -June 7th, 2019

Potential serial killer, rapist targeting sex workers on Detroit’s east side -June 6th, 2019

White House Pushing to Help Prisoners Before Their Release -June 5th, 2019

Several US states consider legislation to decriminalize prostitution -June 2st,2019

Sex workers condemn the ‘feminists’ secretly filming strippers in clubs- May 9th, 2019

Park Police arrest activists for sex work decriminalization after climbing flag poleJune 4th, 2019

Why UK feminists should embrace sex worker rights-June 3rd, 2019

As Prostitution-Related Charges Double In D.C., Lawmakers Are Reintroducing A Sex Work Decriminalization Bill- June 3rd, 2019

As June 2 International Whores’ Day approaches: Support sex workers!

Mexico City will decriminalize sex work in a move against trafficking -June 1st, 2019

Sex, lies, and surveillance: Something’s wrong with the war on sex trafficking– May 31st, 2019

Activist Miss Major Recounts the First Night at the Stonewall Riots -May 31st, 2019

Some More News: The Anti-Sex Trafficking Law That Made Sex Trafficking Worse [VIDEO] -May 2019

Instagram and the ‘War on Porn’: An XBIZ Explainer- May 28th, 2019

Art And Experiences Of Nl Sex Workers Showcased At Craft Council -May 28th, 2019

As June 2 International Whores’ Day approaches: Support sex workers!- May 28th, 2019

State prosecutors struggle with human trafficking cases- May 27th, 2019

Theresa May Has Just Announced her Resignation- May 24th, 2019

D.C. Council member seeks to decriminalize sex work- May 23rd, 2019

Roots of End Demand.  They’re not just protecting women — they’re protecting the purity of white femininity- May 23rd, 2019

Black Lives Matter: a battle cry against Brazil’s extermination policy -May 20th, 2019

Malcolm, Russiagate and the FBI -May 23rd, 2019

Universal credit hardship ‘linked to prostitution -May 22st, 2019

It’s Not About SexMay 23rd, 2018

Nurses vote to back decriminalization of prostitution -May 20th, 2019

‘Bungled from the beginning’: How Robert Kraft’s sex sting was marred by cops’ missteps -May 18th, 2019

With health insurance and time off, empowered sex workers in Thailand battle stigma- May 17th, 2019

The case for legalizing sex work May 17th, 2019

Florida’s Sex Wars: the Battle to Decriminalize Sex Work-May 17th, 2019

No sewing please, we’re sex workers: Thai prostitutes battle stigma- May 16th, 2019

Thai Sex Workers Reject Anti-Trafficking Raids and Rescue- May 16th, 2019

The prosecution of the Patriots owner and his recent legal victories reveal deep flaws in the U.S. criminal justice system. -May 15th, 2019

Alyssa Milano’s Anti-Feminist ‘Sex Strike- May 13th, 2019


For Mother’s Day: 5 Stories of Sex Workers and Their Super Supportive Moms– May 10th, 2019

This Is How Sex Workers Will Change the Law -May 8th, 2019

Latin American and Caribbean Sex Workers: Gains and challenges in the movement- 2019

They worked in sweltering heat for Exxon, Shell, and Walmart. They didn’t get paid a dime

Support grows for the decriminalization of sex work in New York- May 7th, 2019

Legislators Need to Protect Brothel Workers from This Dangerous, “Non-Trivial” Threat…NOW- May 6th, 2019

Should Hawaii Make Prostitution Legal?- May 6th, 2019

Legislators Need to Protect Brothel Workers from This Dangerous, “Non-Trivial” Threat…NOW -May 6th, 2019

People in Alabama Prisons Are Shackled to Buckets for Days on End -May 5th, 2019

Cambodian immigrant’s deportation ends in tragedy for R.I. family | Video -May 3rd, 2019

How a group of black sex workers changed Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans in 1912 -May 1st, 2019

Talking trafficking with Jamaican sex workers -May 2st, 2019

Police invite activist who accused officers of raping sex workers -May 1st,  2019

Rhode Island House considers creating a study commission to examine laws on sex work. May 1st, 2019

A cam girl makes a living by signing dirty talk for deaf people -April 30th, 2019

What Media Got Wrong About the ‘Largest Gang Takedown Ever- April 28th, 2019

Kate Iselin: Brothels on your street? How sex work decriminalization would affect you-April 27th, 2019

Florida’s human trafficking bills stir hope and fear -April 26th, 2019

Alabama Several bills targeting human trafficking pass House committees- April 26th, 2019

So Tell Me, Why Can’t A Sex Worker Be A Lawyer? -April 23rd, 2019

Why Sex Work Is Real Work -April 26th, 2019

Should prostitution be a normal profession- April 26th, 2019


We found 85,000 cops who’ve been investigated for misconduct. Now you can read their records.April 25th, 2019

Sex Website Closes in the US, Blames ‘Dumb’ Trafficking Laws -April 25th, 2019

Rapist who removed the condom during sex with a prostitute is jailed for 12 years-April 24th, 2019

#SayHerName: Is There A Serial Killer Preying On Black Women In Chicago? -April 15th, 2019

New York City’s DAs Keep Secret Lists Of Cops With Questionable Credibility- April 22nd, 2019

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Landmark Civil Rights Law Applies to Gay and Transgender Workers -April 22nd, 2019

Our Ever-Deadlier Police State April 22nd, 2019

Why Bob Kraft’s ordeal should alarm us all -April 21st, 2019

Should Rape Victims Have to Spend Time in Jail for Not Testifying? -April 19th, 2019

A vindictive pimp shot two men 40 years ago. Two retired sex workers say they covered it up—and it’s why California needs to pass legislation protecting them. -April 17th, 2019

Releasing the Robert Kraft tape would further harm sex workers -April 19th, 2019

Locking Up Drug “Dealers” to Save Users Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer April 14th, 2019

Lawmakers Say NYPD Vice Squad Is A ‘Hotbed Of Corruption’ And Sexual Abuse -April 19th, 2019

Sex Work Is Work—And Its Laborers Are Officially Unionizing -April 17th, 2019

Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind -April 17th, 2019

Judge blocks prosecutors from releasing Robert Kraft spa videoApril 17th, 2019

Stacey Abrams Says Country Has ‘Obligation’ To Keep Sex Workers Safe -April 16th, 2019

#SayHerName: Is There A Serial Killer Preying On Black Women In Chicago? -April 15th, 2019

Vice history: The story of Vancouver’s legendary madam -April 15th, 2019

DA knew Jeffrey Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency -April  11th, 2019

State files motion to dismiss lawsuit that would end legal brothels -April 10th, 2019

One year ago, a bill targeting online sex trafficking took effect. Sex workers say the consequences have been devastating. -April 11th, 2019

Denver officer suspended for using police database to look up strip club dancer — later found dead — for personal reasons -April 9th, 2019

Mayor de Blasio comes out against decriminalizing prostitution, but prosecutors say it’s already happening -April 9th, 2019

Understanding Sex Work in an Open Society– April 2019

Rosedale couple’s bogus program to rescue sex workers: $1.5 million of your tax dollars at work April 7th, 2019


Brooklyn DA Endorses Decriminalization of Sex Work April 5th, 2019

Prostitution Law and the Death of Whores

Anthropologist and author Laura Agustin calls out the media for stereotyping sex workers April 5th, 2019

Backpage is gone, but a more graphic version is again fueling prostitution busts in the Lehigh Valley -April 5th, 2019

New Jersey Judge Faces Suspension After Asking Alleged Rape Victim if She Tried “Closing Her Legs-April 5th, 2019

Florida Is Poised to Create an Anti-“Trafficking” Registry That Will Inevitably Hurt Sex Workers- April 5th, 2019

Grand jury indicts former Columbus vice officer Andrew Mitchell on murder chargeApril 4th, 2019

Sex Workers Seek Inclusion Of Demands In Political Manifestos -April 3rd, 2019

I Told My Mom I Hire Sex Workers And Her Response Changed Our Relationship -April 3rd, 2019

Banning sex work will be considered unthinkable 50 years from now April 3rd, 2019

The 2020 Democratic Candidates Who Voted in Favor of SESTA/FOSTA -April 2st, 2019

Why I Choose To Work As A Stripper Despite Being A Magna Cum Laude College Graduate. April 1st, 2019

You Were Warned –April 1st, 2019

Sex workers condemn massage parlor raids amid proposed crackdown in Flushing -April 1st, 2019

AP Investigation: Florida gets tougher on massage-parlor sex- March 31st, 2019

Is there human trafficking that goes on at massage places? -March 30th, 2019

Sex industry paper sees veil lifted on city’s booming illegal brothel trade March 30th, 2019

Oregon Bill Offers Amnesty to Sex Workers Who Report Violent Crimes- March 29th, 2019


Lawyer for Robert Kraft blasts sheriff as ‘liar’ in prostitution case -March 28th, 2019

America’s Forgotten Mass Imprisonment of Women Believed to Be Sexually Immoral -March 27th, 2019

The Yorkshire Ripper Files review – a stunningly mishandled manhuntMarch 27th, 2019

Dominican Republic: Sex workers ‘routinely’ tortured and raped by police -March 27th, 2019

Florida Lawmaker to Sex Workers:  They’re Criminals, I Don’t Need to Listen-March 27th, 2019

“I’m a sex worker and a feminist”: Fighting for sex worker rights in Argentina- March 27th, 2019

What Sex Work Taught Me About the Value of My Fat Body-March 27th, 2019

Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism- March 27th, 2019

Crime against sex workers ‘almost doubles’ since law change- March 27th, 2019

A scandal of falsified drug arrests is spreading at a Florida sheriff’s office that has also spent more than $1.33 million settling excessive force lawsuits and is at the center of the increasingly troubled Robert Kraft case.– March 26th, 2019

Why Is Prostitution a Crime? -March 26th, 2019

To Live in the World, and Not to Hide”: An Interview with Janet Mock-March 24th, 2019

Amsterdam to Tourists: This Is Not a Tourist Attraction- March 22nd, 2019

“No Unescorted Ladies Will Be Served” -March 20th, 2019

New bill excludes convicted sex workers from restoring their voting rights in Florida -March 19th, 2019

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019– March 19th, 2019

Democrats Call For Investigation Into Pro-Trump Former Owner Of Massage Parlors -March 18th, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Poll finds Democratic voters support decriminalizing sex work by a 3-to-1 margin -March 18th, 2019

The threat of ‘education’ still hanging over China’s prostitutes -March 17th, 2019

SESTA/FOSTA is turning the web into a G-rated minefield. Here’s how to destroy it.- March 16th, 2019

Are Politicians Finally Ready to Take Sex Workers Seriously? –March 14th, 2019

Porn Actresses Accuse Powerful Industry Agent of Fraud, Sex Abuse -March 14th, 2019

Judge orders accused Ohio vice officer held without bond -March 13th, 2019

Sex workers storm New York protest against decriminalization of prostitution: ‘Nothing about us without us’ -March 12th, 2019

Sex Workers’ Untold Stories– March 11th, 2019

Seattle Police “Rescue” 26 Sex Workers. But Did They Want to Be Rescued?- March 11th, 2019

Whores But Organized’: Sex Workers Rally for Reform- March 11th, 2019

Sex Workers Crash NYC Protest Against Decriminalization Bill -March 11th,  2019

I See White Women. I Want to Hear Women of Color. -March 11th, 2019

A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago -March 9th, 2019

Sex workers now have a feminist movement on their side– March 8th, 2019

COYOTE-RI Interviews Scott Cunningham- Baylor University- March 2019

Will Florida Apologize for the ‘Johns Committee’? -March 6th, 2019

Sen. Joe Hardy vs. Ruby Rae & Alice Little on Nevada Newsmakers-March 6th, 2019

Sex-Work Decriminalization Is Becoming an Issue For 2020 -March 6th, 2019

Bill would decriminalize prostitution in Maine -March 6th, 2019

Causing Republican to Scream About Anal Sex on the Floor– March 5th, 2019

Man plans to sue sheriff’s office over wrongful prostitution arrest- March 5th, 2019

GMB launches Scotland’s first sex workers’ union -March 5th, 2019

The death sentence was given to killer who terrorized sex workers– March 4th, 2019

When It Comes to Sex Work, Kamala Harris Hasn’t Completely Evolved -March 3rd, 2019

Kamala Harris brought sex work into the 2020 spotlight. Here’s what she should do next. March 2st, 2019

The government has…tried to financially strangle these defendants at every turn. -March 2st, 2019

Decriminalizing Sex Work Is a Matter of Survival -March 2st, 2019

Alan Dershowitz suggests curbing press access to hearing on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse-  March 1st,2019

Texas anti-sex trafficking activist sues Nevada to end legalized prostitution

An Avalanche of Bullshit –March 1st, 2019

How Many Sex Trafficking Headlines are Bogus? Lots of them! March 1st, 2019

What is Decrim? The many places of prostitution in law –February 28th, 2019

Community- February 28th, 2019

Fairbanks man claims innocence while pleading guilty to attempted sexual assault –February 28th, 2019

What is Decrim? The many places of prostitution in law -February 28th, 2019

Hollywood Madam: Want to stop human trafficking? Legalize consensual sex for money. -Feb 27th, 2019

Decriminalize sex work to protect us from crime, prostitutes say-  February 27th, 2019

Does entering prostitution mean,  you have seven years to live?- February 27th, 2019

Florida lawyer: No legal reason to tape prostitution sting involving Robert Kraft- Feb 26th, 2019

Study Finds Nearly Half of Child and Adult Sex Trafficking Victims Were Abused by PoliceFebruary 26th, 2019

This City Will Start Outing Johns. Sex Workers Think It’s a Terrible Idea -February 26th, 2019

Kamala Harris Says She Supports Decriminalizing Sex Work & Sex Workers Don’t believe her.February 26th, 2019

Brooklyn, Queens senators to introduce bills decriminalizing sex work- February 25th, 2019

Group of New York Lawmakers Calls for Legalization of Prostitution –February 25th, 2019


Robert Kraft, Meet Bella Robinson!-  February 25th, 2019

The 2020 Democratic Frontrunners Need to Answer for Their Votes on SESTA -February 22st, 2019

Bella Robinson on Sex Trafficking Inside the Trump Campaign -Feb 22st, 2019

Purdue’s Sackler embraced a plan to conceal OxyContin’s strength from doctors, sealed deposition shows- February 21st, 2019

The dancer and the dance -February 21st, 2019

Judge: The US violated victim rights in Epstein sex abuse case – February 21st, 2019

The new bill proposes studying sex worker safety- February 14th,2019

There Is No New Backpage -February 13th, 2019

R.I. lawmaker proposes studying whether to decriminalize sex work- February 13th, 2019

Sex Workers Organization Supports Bill Creating Commission to Study Prostitution Laws- February 13th, 2019

Lawmaker proposes studying whether to decriminalize sex work- February 13th, 2019

Bella Robinson – Executive Director COYOTE RI – Decriminalizing sex work.  Interview with the Matt Allen radio show

Representative Williams’ bill would establish a commission to study the decriminalization of prostitution -February 12th, 2019


The True Story of “Pride”: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners Were Communists– February 12th, 2019

We need them to come forward’: legislation would make it safer for sex workers to report violent crimes February 11th, 2019

What It Was Like To Be A Sex Worker During The Super Bowl-February 11th, 2019

Sen. Wiener to introduce California bill protecting victimized sex workers -February 11th, 2019

“I love sex. I like to make money’: What sex workers really want”– February 8th, 2019

77% Women Forced Into Shelter Homes Return to Voluntary Sex Trade, Says Report -February 8th, 2019

Senator Samuel Bell: Statement on the proposed gutting of the Senate rules-February 8th, 2019


Fostering -February 8th, 2019

Bella Robinson’s February Newsletter -February 7th, 2019

Phoenix police dispute Cindy McCain’s allegation of human trafficking at an airport after she saw a child with a woman ‘of a different ethnicity’ -February 6th, 2019

Utah bill would shield sex workers from prosecution when they report crimes -February 4th, 2019

Kansas judge frames 13-, 14-year-old girls as aggressors in sex crime by 67-year-old man  February 3rd, 2019

Exploring “Craigslist’s Effect on Violence Against Women” January 2019

Another Pre-Super Bowl ‘Sex Trafficking Sting’ Busts A Bunch Of People Trying To Buy Sex From Cops Pretending To Be TeensFebruary 4th, 2019

New Laws Forced Sex Workers Back On SF Streets, Caused 170% Spike In Human Trafficking -February 3rd, 2019

Against FOSTA/SESTA: One Canary’s Cry From Inside the Coal Mine  By Lucy Kahn- Feb 2019

The Death Of The Dabbler and The Erasure Of Sex Work From The Common Internet- By Grace Marie- Feb 2019

Sex trafficking victim advocates see benefits of recent laws, urge continued diligence-February 1st, 2019

Global Implications Of FOSTA  By Meghan Peterson- Feb 2019

Bill banning sexual exploitation by law enforcement sails through House in VT- January 31st, 2019

How sex censorship killed the internet we love -January 31st, 2019

Sex trafficking victim advocates see benefits of recent laws, urge continued diligence- January 31st, 2019

Super Bowl sex-trafficking fears may be overblown, data show- January 31st, 2019

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