Educational Videos & Audios 2019


10 Years After Re-Criminalization: Reflecting on a Decade of Anti-Trafficking Activism in RI


This music video is amazing. We need a cultural shift surrounding sex work and media like this is the answer.


Margaret Prescod, is a founding member of Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike, Every Mother is a Working Mother, a co-founder of International Black Women for Wages for Housework and founder of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders.

Jessica Kiaraliza Martinez- is a trans Latina woman who is a service provider for the meth using community of Washington. Working alongside Helping Individual People Survive (HIPS) outreach staff.


Siouxsie Q- Writer, performer, and media strategist Siouxsie Q has been an outspoken advocate since 2012 when she launched her popular podcast, The WhoreCast, garnering national attention.

Rachel West- is a spokeswoman for the US PROStitutes Collective, a multiracial network of women who work or have worked in different areas of the sex industry.


Kristen Di Angelo- is a community organizer, activist, educator and the Executive Director of The Sex Workers Outreach Project Sacramento.










Is it time to decriminalize sex work? May 2019


The current law in the UK forces women to work alone. Decriminalize sex work to #makeallwomensafe.







The War on the Whores!