2017 Articles

The Deadly Consequences of the Anti-Sex Trafficking Law Link

Amnesty International expels RI coordinator over views on sex work- Jan 3rd, 2017

Jobs aren’t the solution to Americans Problems, they are the cause-

Janet Mock: Sex Workers’ Rights Must Be Part Of The Women’s March “There are no throwaway people.”-By Alanna Vagianos- Jan 18th, 2017

Indian sex worker groups slam global conference on abolition of prostitution– Jan 31st, 2017

The former sex worker who set up a retirement home By Clayton Conn  January 31st, 2017

The Historic Women’s Marches of January 21, 2017– By Kamran Nayeri, February 2, 2017

Why Amber Rose Is The Patron Saint Of Strippers  Feb 7th, 2017


Diversion Programs Are For Cops by LINDSAY ROTH on February 8th, 2017 ·

Prosecutors And Anti-Sex Trafficking Advocates Aren’t Happy With The Government’s

Status profiling: Research suggests simply wearing a police uniform changes the way the brain processes information February 10, 2017

How hollow rhetoric and a broken child welfare system feed Texas’ sex-trafficking underworld Feb 13th, 2017

Raising the minimum wage in Rhode Island: Why it matters By Steve Ahlquist on February 13, 2017

 Treatment Of Backpage- by Tim Cushing -Feb 14th 201

St. Louis police launch internal affairs investigation of alleged inappropriate conduct- FEBRUARY 14, 2017

Bill Gates advises Warren Buffett to visit sex workers to see foundation’s work– Feb 15th, 2017

Texas couldn’t help this sex-trafficked teen, so authorities sent her to jail-BY NEENA SATIJA, MORGAN SMITH AND EDGAR WALTERS- FEB. 15, 2017-  Yet look at all the OVW trafficking funding in Texas for 2016:

Audit: Fired detective mishandled dozens of child abuse cases- FEBRUARY 15, 2017

U.S. Media Ignores International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers February 15th, 2017 by mgd777

Ashton Kutcher Claims He Helped Cops Save Way More Sex-Trafficking Victims Than Authorities Say They’ve Found by Elizabethth Nolan Brown|Feb. 15, 2017

Three teens arrested in Ceres in connection with human trafficking ring BY ERIN TRACY- Feb 16th, 2017

Brie Larson to Play First Female U.S. Presidential Candidate Victoria Woodhull in Amazon Film March 22st, 2017

America Gets PUNK’D by Ashton Kutcher and the McCain Institute for Public Funds– Feb 19th, 2017

We’re Not Crazy For Doing This: Sex Workers With Mental Illness by LAURA LEMOON on FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Deported for Giving a Handjob?– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Feb. 17, 2017

Questions raised on new Human Trafficking report that states Florida has most complaints ever– by Jarrod Holbrook- Feb 17th, 2017

1947: Last Frontier Hangs on in Fairbanks  Feb 18th, 2017

Canada’s self-proclaimed pedophile hunters doing more harm than good, police say– By JON WOODWARD STEPHEN GRANT- Feb. 18, 2017

Phryne, The Ancient Greek Prostitute Who Flashed Her Way to Freedom– THEODOROS KARASAVVAS- FEBRUARY 18th 2017

Stop deportations of EEA sex workers. By English Prostitution Collective- Feb 17th, 2017

Liberal Democrats move to quash all historical sex-work convictions of prostitutes and punters- @JoeWatts_Feb 20th 2017

Sex work and migration fiction. To go with sex tourists or smugglers by laura agustin   February  20th, 2017

WA Election: Brothel madam says politicians have put sex industry reform in ‘too hard basket’ by By Sam Tomli Feb 21st, 2017

Prostitution operated openly in San Bernardino for 90 years, served as economic base-By Harvey Kahn – February 21, 201701750

It is time we all stand up together and put a stop to the politics of demonization which is creating a divided and dangerous world- Amnesty International -2017 annual report

Today’s Feminism: Too Much Marketing, Not Enough Reality- Feb 21st, 2017

Ireland passes law to make buying sex a crime By Emma Batha / Reuters on Feb 23, 2017

NYPD Still Arresting Sex Workers Despite Pledge To Target Traffickers BY EMMA WHITFORD- Feb 24th, 2017

What Explains the Racial Wealth Divide? by  Josh Hoxie Feb 24th, 2017

Cindy Gallop: Meet the woman who wants you to join the social sexual revolution-Feb 25th 2017

Norma Jean Almodovar to magazine. Photo: Private / NTB Scanpix Norma is reality Pretty Woman. Was policewoman before she became a prostitute– by  Feb 25th, 2017

Meet The Man Who Stopped Thousands Of People Becoming HIV-Positive  by Patrick Strudwick Feb 25th, 2017

No sex please, we’re Thai by CHAIYOT YONGCHAROENCHAI – 26 Feb 2017

Toward Solidarity Forever: Confronting patriarchy and sexual violence in activist circles -Feb 26th, 2017

Trump’s Mythical Crackdown on Sex Trafficking– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Feb. 27, 2017

John Oliver Compares Republicans’ Health Care Coverage To Your Dad in a ThongFeb 27th, 2017

Fake news about home prostitution Feb 28th, 2017

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/sex-worker-exhibit-1.4002832Don’t assume you know who I am’: Sex workers speak out in exhibit at St. John’s City Hall-By Maggie Gillis,-March 1st 2017

Why can’t you pay for sex? NINOS MALEK- March 1st, 2017

Accused New Jersey Serial Killer: What We Know So Far– By Bryn Lovitt- March 2st 2017

Read the Letter Trump’s Immigrant Grandpa Wrote Begging Not to Be Deported- by RIVER DONAGHEY-March 3rd 2017

Devil’s Punchbowl — An American Concentration Camp So Horrific It was Erased from History- March 4th, 2017

Michigan Bill Would Ban Cops From ‘Sex’ With Sex Workers-By Tracy Clark-Flory Mar 03, 2017

Holland’s legal prostitution zones reduce rape by David Trilling- March 3rd, 2017

Miami-Dade’s Policy of Holding Inmates for ICE Is Unconstitutional: Florida Judge by KALHAN ROSENBLATT- March 3rd, 2017

Women at work: Female employees share experiences of gender inequality around the world– By Alex Wheeler March 3, 2017

Sex workers march in Ukraine demanding legalisation March 4, 2017

Feminist Manifesto in Support of Sex Workers’ Rights– March 2017

Study: Cyberpornography not linked to negative sexual outcomes in majority of users ERIC W. DOLAN March 5, 2017

Rural sex workers feel lonely and isolated- by Alina Rylko- March 5th, 2017

Sex workers exhibit their art to raise awareness- By H Kapp-Klote on 03.06.15

Local Black Trans Women Speak Out About Recent String of Murders– By Ernest Owens | March 6, 2017

Women’s Right to Refuse-Why women in the United States will strike on March 8th. By Melissa Gira Grant- March 7th, 2017

The Catholic church is ‘shocked’ at the hundreds of children buried at Tuam. Really? Emer O’Toole- March 7th, 2017

What We Owe to the Hidden, Groundbreaking Activism of Sex Workers March 7th, 2017

Nicaragua has found a new way to protect sex workers– by Samantha Eyle- March 8th, 2017

WHO CAN SPEAK FOR SEX WORKERS?-  By Melissa Petro- March 8th, 2017

Country’s oldest bank by female sex workers opens it doors for male customers– by Ravik Bhattacharya- March 8th, 2017

This Is What International Women’s Day Looked Like Around The World- by Claudia Koerner- March 8th, 2017

What We Owe to the Hidden, Groundbreaking Activism of Sex Workers Leonie Roderick by Leonie Roderick MAR 8 2017

Nicaragua has found a new way to protect sex workers– -by Samantha Eyler- March 8th, 2017

Federal Court Gives Victory To Young Strippers- by Joe Cunningham- March 8th, 2017

West Bengal: For this dancer, her sex worker mother is God to her-by Kolkata, March 9, 2017

Sex orgies, prostitution, porn: Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy-Josephine McKenna-March 9th 2017

Noon Talk revolves around topic of prostitution-By Lydia Gerike-March 8th 2017

Sex Workers And Scabs: Mixed Feelings After The Women’s Strike by CATY SIMON on MARCH 10, 2017

Greeley to pay $150K to woman acquitted of prostitution-by Associated Press-March 10th 2017

Sex work in fiction: Gorky Park, Moscow prostitution doesn’t exist- March 11th, 2017

Double Whammy Against the Swedish Model – March 15, 2017

It Was A Wonderful Adventure’: What It’s Like When You Retire From Sex Work-by Sirin Kale- March 16th, 2017

 #SNP17 conference passes “Scottish model” amid grave concerns from sex worker charitiesMarch 17th, 2017

Pennsylvania couple who sneaked Nigerian woman into U.S. so she could become their ‘slave’ sentenced to prison for only 9 month-by DAVID BOROFF-March 17th 2017

Challenging the Common Conception of Sex Work- by Kathleen McNamee- March 18th, 2017

Conference passes sex work motion unamended By Caron Lindsay | Sat 18th March 2017

If Everyone Thought Like A Social Worker March 20th, 2017

White Feminism, White Supremacy, White Sex Workers by JUNIPER FITZGERALD on MARCH 22, 2017

Bree Olson’s untold story by Bree Olson— Mar 24, 2016

Harlots Doesn’t Sell Out When Detailing Lives of 18th Century British Hookers New historical sex drama comes to Hulu. by Glenn Garvin | March 24, 2017

Rise Up Rhode Island Rally respectful, but no less resolute– By Amanda Milkovits-Mar 25, 2017

“Harlots’ examines lives of 18th century prostitutes”-BY RICK BENTLEY-March 26th 2017

Ireland makes paying for sex illegal Legislation based on approach to prostitution used in Sweden and Norway. By KEN MURRAY 3/27/17

A former Colorado code enforcement officer is on probation for six months after his body camera caught him soliciting prostitutes last year-March 28th, 2017

Almost Everyone Can Donate Blood—Except Sex Workers- by Jasmine Andersson MAR 27 2017

“There is nothing shameful about being a whore” March 27, 2017

How an ambulance became a place for safe sex By Kathleen Hawkins- March 29th, 2017

Confessions of a Former SWERF By Taryn De Vere- March 29th, 2017

Activist Spotlight: AMMAR Rep Maria Riot On Putas Feministas and Participating In The Women’s Strike by CATY SIMON on MARCH 30, 2017

Sisters of Majengo in Kenya offer Paralegal Services to Sex Workers Submitted by NSWP on 31st March 2017

100 years of transgender rights– by By Lydia Smith and Laura Davis- March 31st, 2017

Sex Work is Work. And it Needs a Safe Workplace. With Backpage.com shut down, many sex workers are being left without income or resources by SB and Anna Bongiovanni March 31st, 2017

Female sex workers should be thought of in same way as male soldiers and boxers, Cambridge academic says– by May Bulman-March 31st 2017

Why did Kate D’Adamo try to Gag the NH Human Trafficking Task Force? March 31, 2017

Christians Started the Wedding Wars Defenders of traditional marriage used the law to persecute polygamists. Now they’re the ones under attack. by Stephanie Slade from the April 2017

Northern Ireland sex worker bids to overturn ‘dangerous’ ban on hiring escorts– April 1st, 2017

Congressperson’s Sex Trafficking Bill Looks To Carve Holes In Section 230 Immunity-April 2017

Human Trafficking, After the Headlines-by Melissa Gira Grant-April 3rd 2017

House arrest for man who ran Ottawa brothels- by ANDREW SEYMOUR Apr 3, 2017

Ukraine: sex work in times of war VALERIA COSTA-KOSTRITSKY 3 April 2017

Why a mom’s Facebook warning about human traffickers hurts sex-trafficked kids-Lara Powers-April 3rd 2017

Sonia Sotomayor: Not Everyone Can Just Pull Themselves ‘Up By The Bootstraps- By Carolina MorenoApril 4th, 2017

Leyla from Registered Brothel Planned to be Closed Tells of Her Experiences– by Çiçek Tahaoğlu-April 5th 2017

Crackdown Sex workers in Canada say a wave of john stings is making life more dangerous for them-By Rachel Browne on Apr 5, 2017

What It’s Like To Be A Mom & A Sex Worker By Elle Stanger- April 3rd, 2017

Exit Plans  April 3, 2017

Why We Should Decriminalize Prostitution– April 8th, 2017

In Full Sight: ‘The pimp lobby’ at the Amnesty AGM By Frankie Mullin / 11 April 2017

I’m a Sex Worker Who Is Sick Of Female Misogyny If you sh*t on women for making a choice that you didn’t, you’re not a feminist.  by Elle Stanger  04/12/2017

States Introduce Dubious Anti-Pornography Legislation to Ransom the Internet-  BY DAVE MAASS– April 12th 2017

Massage parlor busted after hundreds of condoms clog pipes By Aja Seldon, KRON Published: April 12, 2017,

What It’s Like to Be a Gender-Fluid Sex Worker -April 13th, 2017

Liberals’ superficial Criminal Code reform betrays sex workers and queer artists. If the government wants to strike out unconstitutional laws, why has it ignored the sex work and obscenity laws?  By Rob Salerno  April 13th, 2017

American detained in Egypt for 1,079 days on child sex trafficking charges acquitted– by Ruth Michaelson April 16th, 2017

Supreme Court hears arguments in former sheriff deputy’s sex assault case. Former Belknap County sheriff’s deputy Ernest Justin Blanchette sits at his trial in Hillsborough County Superior Court North in Manchester on Thursday, April 28, 2016. Blanchette was convicted last year of raping a female inmate en route to prison ELIZABETH FRANTZ -April 13th, 2017

My Mexican Husband Was Accused Of Trafficking Our Daughter On A United Flight by Maura Furfey, ContributorApril 17th 2017

United States Federal Court Rules Females are Free to Display Their Breasts in PublicApril 2017

April 19, 1927: Mae West Sentenced on Morals Charges at Jefferson Market Courthouse-April 18th, 2017

Adult Rights for Adult Businesses By ILYA SHAPIRO and DEVIN WATKINS April 18th, 2017

Supreme Court orders refunds for people whose criminal convictions are overturned by David G. SavageApril 19th, 2017

Rescuing Ruby, Sex on Tuesday BY TRIXIE MEHRABAN April 19th, 2017

This is what it’s like to be a queer Muslim sex worker in London

Amy Ashenden meets Maryam, a Londoner whose identity is not always met with understanding  April 22nd 2017

Why Governments Always Exaggerate the Prostitution Threat by Camilo Gómez April 23, 2017

XOXO Campaign: Will It Spell Profit or Trouble for Condom Maker? By ZACH SCHONBRUN APRIL 23, 2017

Now Is The Time To Decriminalize Sex Work by Sandeep Prasad  April 24th, 2017

A Right-Wing Think Tank Is Trying to Bring Down the Indian Child Welfare Act. Why? -April 24th, 2017

Sex Workers Push Back Against Anti-Trafficking Bill by BRANDI BUCHMAN April 25, 2017

The Ming Dynasty Concubines: A Life of Abuse, Torture and Murder for Thousands of Women By Veronica Parkes April 25th 2017

This App is Helping Argentine Sex Workers Protect Themselves from Police Harassment by Raquel Reichard April 25, 2017

7 of the dumbest questions sex-workers get asked Miranda KaneWednesday 26 Apr 2017

Former Pawtucket group home employee accused of sex-trafficking teen in DCYF care By Katie Mulvaney  April 27th, 2017

THE IRON JAWS OF THE POLICE STATE by John W. Whitehead April 27, 2017


John school’ takes repressive approach to sex By Stuart Chambers  04/28/2017

Two Years After the Uprising, Black Women’s Experiences of Policing in Baltimore Still Under the Radar Friday, By Andrea J. Ritchie, Truthout April 28, 2017

To mark May Day 2017,

Who Can Sue Whom in Pa Civil Causes of Action Related to Human and Sex Trafficking April 29th,2017

Police Are Allegedly Sleeping with Sex Workers Before Arresting Themby Sirin Kale May 3rd, 2017

The Surprising Wishes Of India’s Sex Workers by ABRAAR KARAN April 30, 2017

The Bloody Story of How May Day Became a Holiday for Workers link 5/1/20217

Trump Isn’t Fighting Human Trafficking, He’s Facilitating It By Jay Shooster  May 2, 2017, at 12:46 PM

What I miss about being a sex worker (and a few things I don’t) Miranda Kane Wednesday 3 May 2017

Canadian Sex Workers Convene for National Consultation on PrEP by NSWP – May 5th, 2017

Caught in the life: The business of prostitution by CBS- May 7th, 2017

Bella Robinson: Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitution May 8th, 2017

Bills to ban police sexual contact with prostitutes they investigate met with opposition by Michelle Theriault Boots  May 8th, 2017

The Rescue Industry has a song  May 8th, 2017

What We Owe to the Hidden, Groundbreaking Activism of Sex WorkersMay 8th,2017

He admits he shot a transgender sex worker in the face during their ‘dateBy Dawn Ennis · Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Womyn, wimmin, and other folx- May 9th, 2017

Alaska Police: We Need To Have ‘Sexual Contact’ With Sex Workers By Tracy Clark-Flory May 10, 2017

Has Evangelical Christianity Become Sociopathic?- May 11th, 2017

The bullshit of My Red Light  May 12th, 2017


After the Olympics: stories from Rio’s sex workers  May 12, 2017

Jury Awards Former Escort $1.7 Million For Invasion Of Privacy May 12, 2017

South Africa: Report On Possible Decriminalisation of Sex Work to Be Made Public– May 12th,  2017

Decriminalize prostitution, Green Party urges- May 13th, 2017

“If they kill me, they will slander and criminalize me”  May 15th, 2017

“Amsterdam mayor opens brothel run by prostitutes: ‘It’s a whole new model” May 16th, 2017

“Women’s Sex Work Migration across the South China Sea and the Gendered Anti-trafficking Emigration Policy of the PhilippinesBy Sonja Dolinsek May 16, 2017

“My Family’s Slave She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was.”  by ALEX TIZON  June 2017

Teen testifies Oakland cop coached her how to be a good prostitute by Kimberly Veklerov  May 18, 2017

Parents Aren’t Talking to Teens About Consent, Study Finds by Brittney McNamara May 18th, 2017

Intermarriage in the U.S. 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia One-in-six newlyweds are married to someone of a different race or ethnicity- May 18th, 2017

That’s Entertainment-  May 19th, 2017

Why Tennessee Law Enforcement Now Describes Prostitution As Trafficking By NATASHA SENJANOVIC May 22st 2017

Decriminalizing prostitution is the only way to secure justice for survivors of trafficking. By Laura LeMoon

IVANKA TRUMP’S TRAFFICKING TROUBLES The first daughter’s anti-trafficking brain trust represents a certain credentialed mix, one with considerable overlaps in organizational membership. MELISSA GIRA GRANT May 23rd, 2017

What Sex Workers Can Tell Us About China’s Transformation May 23rd, 2017

Protection for sex workers proposed for those who report crimes By Dan Carpenter |  May 22, 2017

The Media’s Gross Treatment Of Sex Workers Is Putting Our Lives At Risk By Lucie Bee, May 22st /2017

The hijacking of a Louisiana human trafficking bill by  Bayoubuzz Staff May 23rd, 2017

Hassling and shaming prostitutes no solutions to community’s concerns LYNZI ARMSTRONG May 24th, 2017

Oakland to settle a claim filed by teen exploited by police by  DAVID DEBOLT  May 25th, 2017

Bodies As Battlegrounds: Debating The Pros And Cons Of The Decriminalization Of Sex Work  By  Amanda Ocasio May 27th, 2017

Transgender Sex Work and Society Edited by Larry Nuttbrock May 2017

Supreme Court Rejects Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Says States Cannot Keep Money From The Innocent  by Nick Sibilla May 2nd 2017

Decriminalising sex work is the only way to protect women – and New Zealand has proved that it works In 2014, a sex worker pursued a brothel operator who had sexually harassed her through the Human Rights Tribunal. She won her case.  by Lynzi Armstrong  May 28th, 2017

 The reality of sex workers in Canada: Vulnerable, unprotected and misunderstood  By Rachel Lau May 29th, 2017

Analysis: What happened to the sex work report?   MARELISE VAN DER MERWE  May 29th, 2017

Push to decriminalize sex work in South Australia one step closer as the bill goes to Legislative Council BY RUBY JONES  May 30th, 2017

Programme Advisory Committee | Recruitment 2017  May 31st, 2017 VIDEO: Oakland reaches a settlement with a woman at the center of police sex scandal By Aja Seldon, KRON  May 31st, 2017

International Whores Day to be marked in Sydney– June 1st, 2017

Seattle’s Sweeps Policies Ignore Sex Workers by Smitty Buckler and Laura LeMoon • Jun 1, 2017

“Backpage: Sex workers can find safety in the online marketplace”  June 1st, 2017

New Book, old brothel preserve the history of the sex trade in Wallace, Idaho by Melissa Luck  June 2st 2017

International Whores’ Day: Overlooked Opportunities by Katrina Haffner, June 2st 2017


The Law Society of South Australia has voiced its support for a bill to decriminalize sex work in the state. By: Tom Lodewyke June 2st 2017

Learning and Unlearning: On Writing About Sex Work  BY KAREN CONNELLY June 2st 2017

The film “The Apology”  Directed by Tiffany Hsiung

So You’re Dating a Sex Worker Seven ways to support your bae by Andre Shakti

There were many instances where courtesans left their profession and married into respectable families. by Aslam Mahmud  June 7th, 2017

Twilight of the American Courts by JOHN W. WHITEHEAD  June 7th, 2017  

Teen Sex Worker Wins $1 Million In Court After Over 30 Cops Used Her For Sex  June 25th, 2017

Jamaica AIDS Support For Life Wants Prostitution Decriminalised June 9th, 2017



Investigators rip Oakland’s handling of police sex scandal By Kimberly Veklerov  June 21st, 2017

When ICE Shows Up in Human Trafficking Court by Beth Fertig  June 22st 2017

Legislators Want To Open Up Wiretap Laws To Target Sex Workers And Their Customers-June 22nd 2017

Men Legally Allowed to Finish Sex Even If Woman Revokes Consent, NC Law States-June 22st, 2017

What Americans Get Wrong About Porn By LUX ALPTRAUM JUNE 23, 2017

Portraits of a Glamorous Trans Community in 80s Paris  by Zing Tsjeng JUN 23 2017,

The ‘Magna Carta’ of Cyberspace Turns 20: An Interview With the ACLU Lawyer Who Helped Save the Internet , -JUNE 23, 2017 |

Hyderabad: 12 women tie up staff, flee rescue home by DECCAN CHRONICLE.  Jun 23, 2017,

NYPD cop allegedly paid for sex acts while working undercover prostitution stings June 26th, 2017

SWOP Behind Bars Will Be At “Beyond The Walls”    July 26th, 2017

Naming Names: These Officers Are Responsible for the Failed Oakland Police Sex Scandal Investigation  Using public records, we’ve identified most of the officers and top brass referred to in the Swanson-Barron report. By Darwin BondGraham  June 27th, 2017

Minnesota ramps up for a mythical Super Bowl sex trafficking rampage June 27, 2017, by Cory Zurowski

U.S. Declares China Among Worst Human Traffickers. Trump administration leaves Obama’s upgrades of Cuba, Malaysia intact- June 27th, 2017  Several lawmakers took issue with the controversial moves and held hearings, arguing that the decisions were motivated by politics rather than evidence of human trafficking.

Bengal: Mob lynches mentally ill woman after branding her a child trafficker Police blamed the incident on miscreants who spread rumors about Bangladeshi child traffickers prowling the region. They have promised to act against them as well as the villagers responsible for the mob lynching.  June 27th, 2017

Anchorage Assembly passes an ordinance to seek more crime tips from sex workers– By Travis Khachatoorian June 27th, 2017

PHL maintains Tier 1 ranking in Trafficking in Persons report  June 28, 2017

The State, Individuals, and Decriminalizing Sex Work By Maggie McNeill – June 29, 2017

‘Stunning victory’ as US Surgeons General call for an end to intersex surgery ‘Those whose oath… says ‘do no harm’ should heed the simple fact that, to date, research does not support the practice of cosmetic infant genitoplasty.  by Shannon Power June 29th, 2017

Working, working by  Yeoni Kim  June 2017

New Oakland Police Sexual Misconduct Case Leads to Discovery of Drugs Stashed in Locker Lieutenant allegedly being investigated for losing cocaine, heroin more than a decade ago. by Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston June 29, 2017

Understanding Sex Work in an Open Society-  June 2017

“The sex industry forms a necessary part of society”  July 3rd, 2017

The open letter decries police posing as sex-worker clients in “repressive” Operation Northern Spotlight by Guest on July 6th, 2017 

Sex workers could be legalized in South Australia-  By Rhiannon Elston- July 4th, 2017

An arrest affidavit and complaint filed against a Marlin police captain details sexual abuse of a woman who feared the captain would arrest her if she did not capitulate to his requests because she had entered the country illegally.


Oakland Could Lose Control of Its Police Force After Next Week’s Court Hearing
City leaders aren’t saying whether they’ll hold top OPD commanders accountable for burying internal investigations of a sex crime scandal.  By Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston- July 6th, 2017

Untreatable gonorrhea ‘superbug’ spreading around the world, WHO warns
World Health Organization tells of ‘very serious situation’ after confirming three known cases where all antibiotics were ineffective by James Rudd- July 6th, 2017

San Francisco Sex Workers Battle For Rights, Legitimacy July 6, 2017

Exclusive: Anti-Trafficking Activist Isn’t What He Seems in “The Wrong Light” TrailerLaura Berger– July 6th, 2017

From Sex Worker as Character to Sex Worker as Producer: A Review of Nicholas de Villier’s “Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary” 

Third Circuit Declares First Amendment Right to Record Police  LEGAL ANALYSIS BY ADAM SCHWARTZ AND SOPHIA COPE JULY 7, 2017

Mother charged with prostitution while children were near July 7, 2017

High Court dismisses sex workers application by Staff reporter  July 8th,  2017

The 1796 “perfect wife” experiment of Thomas Day, inspired by Rousseau, took control freak to new levels  Tijana Radeska– July 9th, 2017

Alaska Cops Defend Their ‘Right’ to Sexual Contact With Sex Workers Before Arresting Them BY LILLY DANCYGER  JULY 10, 2017

The War on Human Trafficking Looks a Lot Like the War on Sex Work SONJA SHARP July 10th, 2017

Sex workers and prominent organizations are asking for police to stop ALLISON TIERNEY Jul 11th,  2017

It’s perfectly legal for cops to trick prostitutes into having sex with them. Meet the women behind the fight to change this- July 11th, 2017

Alaska May Expand the Definition of Sexual Assault to Include Police Officers who Engage in Sexual Activity with Sex Workers Before Arresting Them– July 12th, 2017

Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social Justice Posted by Frances Lee on July 13, 2017

Save My Seoul? Save Us From Saviours! by RESEARCH PROJECT KOREA –July 2017

Oakland Police Hold Secret Ceremony Honoring Several Officers Accused of Mishandling Celeste Guap Sex-Crimes Investigation Reporters and media banned from attending the ceremony for the first time in recent memory. by Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston July 14, 2017


Book Review: Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry by Lola Davina July 13, 2017

Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari July 2017

HOW RACIST IS SOLITARY CONFINEMENT?  by Erika Eichelberger-July 16 2015

Digital database captures voices from inside America’s prisons July 16, 2017

Salvation Army busted discriminating against transgender people (again)-  July 17th, 2017

I’m a Sex Worker and I Was Raped on the Job- July 10th, 2017

Rentboy.com CEO to be Sentenced Friday, Faces Up to 21 Months in Jail July 18th, 2017

Under attack, Backpage.com has its supporters as an anti-trafficking tool. But many differ.  By Tom Jackman July 18th,  2017

What prostitution can do for disabled people– July 18, 2017,



The Joke Has To Be Funny: An Interview With Vee Chattie On Their New Podcast,  JULY 20, 2017 

“We are not meat”: sex workers in Siberia are fighting for their rights to remain people July 21st, 2017

Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow’ By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD and JESSICA SILVER-GREENBERGJULY 21, 2017

“The Wrong Light”: Sex, lies and the story of Mickey Choothesa by EMILY JORDAN July 22st 2014

Victory for science’ as blood donation rules relaxed for gay men and sex workers in UK- By Jason Murdock July 23, 2017

I am the sex worker who took a selfie with Corbyn – this is my side of the story July 24th, 2017

Stop calling them “allies” and start calling them pain parasites: Taking out the garbage of the anti-trafficking movement by Laura LeMoon July 24th,  2017

100 years ago African-Americans marched down 5th Avenue to declare that black lives matter- July 25, 2017

Kamala Harris’ Whorephobia Is Sadly No Surprise- July 26th,2017


If 70-year-old cleaners are convicted of running brothels, the law isn’t working by Frankie Mullin– August 2st 2017

Senate Crackdown on Online Sex Trafficking Hits Opposition By EMILY COCHRANE AUG. 2, 2017

Police accused of threatening sex workers rather than pursuing brothel thieves
by Owen BowcottAugust 3rd, 2017

Activist Spotlight: Alex Andrews on SWOP Behind Bars And Service Worby CATY SIMON on AUGUST 3, 2017 

The right to bare arms: the history of Australian sex worker activism  by August 3, 2017

Prostitution decriminalized: Rhode Island’s experiment by BY ELANA GORDON- August 3rd, 2017

For her 47th birthday, Morgana booked a hotel room and an escort. She wanted the night of her life… because it was going to be her last.  Marc Fennell brings you the story of how porn saved Morgana Muses.

Sex Workers in Bangladesh hold national conference on August 4th, 2017

Protecting Malawi’s sex workers from police: ‘They say we’re sinners’August 4th, 2017

Massive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement and Clergy by Claire Bernish, August 4th, 2017

“Dehumanization by Deification: On Kamala Harris and “Black Women Will Save Us” by Zoé Samudzi – August 5th, 2017

The Bogus War on Internet Sex Work August 5th, 2017 by ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN  

Will Altering the 13th Amendment Bring Liberation to the Incarcerated 2.3 Million By James KilgoreAugust 05, 2017

Hotel room bust of high-end prostitute leads to $20,000 windfall for Minn. police-August 5th 2017

Rentboy Verdict Puts Sex Workers at Risk, LGBTQ Advocates Say– by John Paul Brammer- August 5th, 2017

United Apologizes, Reverses Truvada Policy After HIV Activists Push Back- August 5th, 2017

Neither Radical nor Revolutionary: The Preservation of Privilege in Social Justice ActivismAug 7th, 2017

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Hamburg police hunt ‘Jack the Ripper’ killer as a sex worker is hacked up and dumped around harbor   Victim identified as a 48-year-old woman from Equatorial Guinea who was working in Hamburg. By Paul Wright August 11, 2017 

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Sex Workers In Alaska Say Cops Are Abusing Their Power To Solicit Sex Acts  All 50 states allow police to engage in sexual contact with suspects. In Alaska, they’re fighting back. Aug 17th, 2017

Accused in motel murder granted bail, conditions not disclosed-August 18th 2017

I’m a sex worker in a legal brothel – here are the biggest misconceptions about what I do- August 18th, 2017

Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy. Current events may be relatively silent on the role of women in white supremacy, but history is quite loud. by Jenn  M. JACKSON August 18th, 2017

The Fetishization of Violence: Reflections on Charlottesville, WWII, and Activism by VINCENT EMANUELE– August 18th, 2017

There were two specific periods in US history when most Confederate monuments were erected — and they’re telling, to say the least. Mic’s Jack Smith IV reports. August 18th, 2017

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Catholic Church claimed child sex abuse victims ‘consented’ The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has refused payment to 700 victims and child sexual abuse survivors- August 21st, 2017

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Congress Quietly Passed a Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes—Only 1% Opposed It-August 24th 2017

Driver pushes into protesters in St. Louis street; 3 people sustain minor injuries By Nassim Benchaabane St. Louis Post-Dispatch Aug 24, 2017

Surviving As Working Class After Backpage by KELLY MICHAELS on AUGUST 24, 2017 · 0 COMMENTS in THIS TIME, IT’S PERSONALTRAFFICKING

In Alaska, Not All ‘Sex Traffickers’ Are Sex Traffickers-August 26th 2017

When a racist bus driver left behind a black passenger who had already paid her fare, Juliette Hampton Morgan pulled the emergency cord, demanding she be let on.  August 28th, 2017

Swedish NGO Under Investigation for Creating Fake ‘Rescue’ Stories to Solicit Donations  by NSWP on 28th August 2017

German brothels get new ‘ethical sex seal’ for prostitution- August 29th, 2017

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Former Kentucky police officer charged with killing two prostitutes files wrongful incarceration lawsuit -September 1st, 2017

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Slavery in the US prison system  If you want to find an example of modern-day slavery, look no further than US prisons. SEPTEMBER 9th 2017

Jezebel: Revealing the Slander of a Virgin of Baal, Princess of Tyre, and Queen of IsraelSept 10th 2017

Inside the first database that tracks America’s criminal cops.This is the first database that tracks America’s criminal cops By Isabella McKinley Corbo and Tess Owen Sep 12, 2017

Inside the first database that tracks America’s criminal cops- September 12th, 2017


For recently released women, a mobile phone can connect them to shelter, work, family and support.  Sept 15th, 2017

Wiretapping Sex Workers, Punishing Pre-Crime, and National Strategy to Stop Sex-Buyers Approved by Senate Congress moves to grant Trump administration vast new policing powers, because “sex trafficking.” Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Sep. 15, 2017 2:16 pm

Oakland Police Report: No More Officers Will Face Discipline in Celeste Guap Police Sex Crimes ScandalSept 15th 2017

Neurosurgeon gets $17.5 million award after Swedish Health firing- Sept 15th, 2017

Bristol prostitute accuses those against decriminalization of sex work of ‘prejudice and hatred Sept 20th, 2017


Book Review: The Pimping of Prostitution September 21, 2017, by Maggie McNeill

Ted Cruz ‘same senator who once supported a ban on sex toys W. Gardner Selby on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 

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Oakland Police Chief Kirkpatrick Points Blame at Ex-Chief Went for Mishandling of Celeste Guap Sex Crimes Case.  She also defended her decision to promote officers who were directly responsible for bungling the case. by Darwin BondGraham  September 22, 2017

More Thoughts On The Senate’s SESTA Hearing

In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes.  BY JIM WYSS  SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 12:08 PM

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Trans, Teen and Homeless: America’s Most Vulnerable Population An estimated 70,000 transgender youth lack secure housing – this is what life on the streets is like for six of them.  Sept 25th 2017

Police drop support for bylaw banning sex workers from suburban Christchurch by TINA LAW  September 26 2017

A Case Against Kamala Harris: Steve Mnuchin, for example By Sydney Leathers – September 26, 2017

Department of Justice won’t collect data on Native human trafficking victims Sept 27th, 2017

Sex workers speak out about the crackdown on illegal or non-compliant brothelsAUSTRALIA’S sex workers have slammed a deceptive tactic the nation’s cities are using in their war against illegal brothels.  Sept 28th, 2017

Outside in America  Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars  Sept 28th, 2017

For The First Time, The CDC Admitted That HIV Can’t Be Transmitted If You’re Undetectable Nearly half of all HIV-positive people in the U.S. have undetectable viral loads. by Dan Avery 9/28/2017

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1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days: America’s gun crisis – in one chart- Oct 2st 2017

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House will vote on H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, October 3rd, 2017

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Chinese nationals deported from Fiji were sex workers, not fraudsters: sourceOct 6th 2017

How $40 Can Land You in Prison for Seven Years and on the Sex Offender Registry for Life– Oct 8th, 2017

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Appeals court in SF allows challenge to state law banning prostitution-  Oct 19th, 2017


Leaked White House Memo Outlines Plans For All-Out War On Women’s Health-Oct 20th 2017

Female homicide rate dropped after Craigslist launched its erotic services platform. Sex workers have long argued that online erotic services platforms make their jobs safer. A new study proves it. NOAH BERLATSKY  OCT 20, 2017

Federal Court Ponders Constitutionality of Prostitution Ban Oct 20th, 2017

Federal judge refuses to erase Joe Arpaio’s conviction despite Trump pardon -October 20th, 2017

I’m a Sex Worker Asking the 9th Circuit Court to Decriminalize Prostitution-Oct 23rd, 2017

Why we should question the FBI’s recent human trafficking sting by Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco | @MehlmanOrozco | Human trafficking expert witness- Oct 24th, 2017

Letter to my (often feminist) friends who are concerned about those in “prostitution” and think that criminalizing those who pay for sex really can’t be such a bad idea. Oct 25th, 2017

This immigrant was certified as a victim of human trafficking. But she could still be deported-Oct 26th 2017

FACT-CHECKED: 2 claims about slavery & ‘child prostitutes’ in SA-Oct 26th 2017

The Afghan Madam Helping Sex Workers Take Charge of Their Sexual HealthOct 26th 2016

‘Why Family/CPS Courts Target ‘Fit’ Parents & Why the General Public is Unaware of this National Crisis’ (short version)- Oct 26th, 2017

New York courts consider policy to stop judges from discriminating against trans people- Oct 26t, 2017

City moving forward with strip club restrictions CHRIS MILLER OCTOBER 27, 2017

Overestimating trafficking victims to hide the truth  Oct 28th, 2017

DC May Soon Be the First US City to Decriminalize Sex Work Oct 31st, 2017

Neo-cop: The Bottom-up Solution to Solving Police CorruptionNov 4th 2017


The 19th-Century Woman Journalist Who Made Congress Bow Down in Fear Nov 6th,2017

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Wyden Puts Hold on Sex Trafficking Bill Says he is deeply troubled with potential impact on start-ups Nov 7th, 2017

I am a homeless trafficking survivor: where are all of you anti-trafficking allies to help me now? Nov 8th, 2017

Wyden Puts Hold on Sex Trafficking Bill- Nov 8th, 2017

Southern NH massage parlors focus of raids by federal agencies-Nov 8th, 2017

Bye Bye Eros Guide  November 9th, 2017

Let Sex Workers Deal With Pigs Like Louis C.K. Thanks Rae, but no thanks Nov 10th, 2017

A sex worker’s consent: solidarity, not sanctimony Nov 10th, 2017

The Eros Raid Means None of Us Are Safe-Nov 10th, 2017


Teaching White Supremacy: How Textbooks Have Shaped Our Attitudes On Race– Nov 11th, 2017

Women can be ruthless, says former model and madam  Jennifer Souness Nov 12th, 2017

Statement: Department of Homeland Security potentially puts millions of Sex Workers and Patrons in danger by raiding Eros.com– Nov 10th, 2017

3rd Toledo pastor charged with sex trafficking minors- Nov 14th, 2017

Radio storytelling gives a voice to Accra’s unheard sex workers- Nov 15th, 2017

Sex Workers Are Not A Life Hack for ‘Helping’ Sexual PredatorsNov 15th, 2017

Mandi Film Review: A Marketplace Of Empowerment-Nov 16th, 2017

Police Get Slap on the Wrist for Sex Scandal- Nov 16th, 2017

Utah sex workers talk about the personal, practical and political aspects of their jobs- Nov 16th, 2017

Paris: 1,142 clients of prostitutes fined under new law Nov 17th, 2017

Anti-LGBT politician resigns after being ‘caught having sex with man in his office- Nov 17th, 2017

U.S. Incarceration of Women Vastly Exceeds Other Industrialized Countries  November 17, 2017

30,000 Lives Impacted by This Kolkata Bank Run by and for Sex Workers-Nov 18th, 2017

November 20th, 2017 is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Please watch and share this beautiful video produced by our colleagues at TGEU – Transgender Europe. And remember that the vast majority of trans people murdered every year are sex workers. If you are an LGBT / trans organization, you MUST do more to include the needs of trans sex workers in your organization. And you MUST support publicly and vocally the decriminalization of sex work. Sitting on the fence / being silent about sex workers’ rights is a betrayal of the trans community. In solidarity.

Amber Batts: The State ‘created an advocate’ by charging me with sex trafficking November 20th, 2017

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 Freeloaders, blackmailers, and lost souls: rescued sex trafficking survivors in the hands of the assistance  RUNA LAZZARINO November 25th,  2017

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Murder of Victoria Head ‘preventable crime,’ says former sex worker Michelle Keep says changes in attitudes and laws could help keep sex workers safe Nov 28th, 2017

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How do you spot a pimp? New state law calls for mandatory human trafficking prevention education in the schools- Dec 6th,2017

Forcing kid to masturbate for cops in sexting case was wrong, the court finds  4th Circuit: We can’t “perceive any circumstance that would justify” such a search. Dec 6th, 2017

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15 Sex Workers on Why—and How—They Got Into the Business– Dec 6th, 2017

Family Tells Story of Masseuse Who Died in Flushing Dec 8th, 2017

Online sex-trafficking bill prompts Craigslist to hire its first lobbyistsDec 8th, 2017

Inside a secret 2014 list of hundreds of L.A. deputies with histories of misconduct- Dec 8th, 2017

The KKK might have died in obscurity if this sinister, racist woman didn’t come alongDec 11th, 2017

SPLC sues federal government over unconstitutional ICE raids– Dec 11th, 2017

TLC mourns Brandi Seals, 28th trans person murdered in deadliest year on record Dec 14th, 2017


Stalkers in Blue Dec 15th, 2017

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MPs, we urgently need to talk about – and to help protect – Britain’s sex workers- Dec 15th, 2017

Family, Former Attorney of Queens Woman Who Fell to Her Death in Vice Sting Say She Was Sexually Assaulted, Pressured to Become an Informant Dec 15th,2017


Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers – SF- 12/19/17

Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers-CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO

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Decriminalizing prostitution could ‘dramatically’ reduce sexual violence and STI transmission finds study Dec 20th, 2017

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Teenage girl faces child pornography charges for sending explicit selfie over Snapchat- Dec 23rd, 2017

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