Board and Intern Research

Decarceral alliances in the fight to decriminalize sex workFebruary 10th, 2020

Worker organizing can counter labor abuse in the Global South– January 8th, 2020


Julianna Brown, Brown University ’18, Current Student at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University


Thesis: “We Don’t Need Your Pity, We Need Our Rights”

Thesis Presentation

AIDS Conference 2018:

Poster 1

Poster 2

Harm Reduction International 2019:


Dayana Tavarez, Brown University ’19

Thesis: “Bad Neighbor”

Thesis Presentation

Thesis Presentation Script

Meghan Peterson, University of Toronto ’15, Brown University School of Public Health ’19 (MPH Epidemiology)

Institutional Distrust

Emily Rehmet, Brown University ’20

Social Change Practitioner Interview

prabhdeep singh kehal, University of California, Berkeley ’13, University of Michigan MPP Public Policy and MA Higher Education ’15, Current PhD Student in Sociology at Brown University Website

Policing Modern Day Slavery- 2016 (doc player)