Educational Videos & Audios 2017


Want to avoid acting like a white savior when you travel? Watch this Video



WINGS #31-17 Reforming Welfare Reform “RiseOutOfPoverty”  with Rachel West of US Prostitutes Collective – included podcast interview 

Walking While Black- Video

The Definition of Racism- Video

Sessions Pressed on FBI’s Classification of BLM and KKK 

M Dante on  Lancaster Seminary: Sex Work, Rescue & (LEAD) Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Programs- November 2017

Things sex workers are tired of hearing. 

9th Circuit oral argument Highlights – challenge of prostitution law 10/19/2017
ESPLERP vs Gascon (16-15927)  video


Guess Who’s A Sex Worker Part 2

People Guess Who’s a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers

Sex Work vs Trafficking

Impacts of Criminalization on Trafficking

Harm Reduction SWOP

Sex Trafficking Interview with SWOP HQ

NH Rep Elizabeth Edwards, explains harm reduction

Cops ARE having sexual contact during investigations CRIMINALIZE IT!

Sex Worker Immunity – Anchorage Ordinance 84 – CUSP

CUSP ACTivists busy in Alaska – Sex Worker Rights are Human Rights!


Jane Green on sexual assault April 28th, 2017

5 Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work

Sex Work vs Trafficking 2017 from Orange & Osceola Public DefenderBUSINESS

Impacts of Criminalization on Trafficking 2017  from Orange & Osceola Public DefenderBUSINESS

Harm Reduction SWOP 2017 from Orange & Osceola Public DefenderBUSINESS

Sex Trafficking Interview with SWOP HQ from Orange & Osceola Public DefenderBUSINESS

Perfect Victims Interviews

Bella Robinson – Framing the narrative 

No Perfect Victims Convening 2017

Criminalized Survivors Panel at No Perfect Victims Convening 2017
Survived & Punished Project

Matisse Introduces Velvet Swing!

One of law enforcement’s dirty little secrets

Vida Real: I’m A Sex Worker

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask: Sex Worker by

Father David Gilmore, St Anne’s Church Soho – Rape and Prostitution – A Question Of Consent


Guys, is dressing provocatively in expensive suits whilst having too much to drink causing you to get mugged? Video here


ACLU’s “Freedom Cities” plan brings local grassroots activists together and provides a blueprint for local-level campaigns to defend our communities and block the worst abuses of the Trump administration.

CUSP Public Testimony on SB 54 3-3-17 March 7, 2017

Hat tip to Savannah Sly-   SWOP USA-  Coyote RI- Dedicated to Sex Workers Everywhere, in behalf of International Sex Workers Rights Day– March 3rd, 2017

Shutting Down BS with Sex Workers

Know Your Rights When Asked About Immigration Status

Selling Snake Oil: Anti-trafficking Awareness Campaigns by Cristine Sardina  Director, Desiree Alliance


With Alexandra Lutnick author of “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Feb 2017

January 18th, 2017 Bella Robinson, executive director of (Coyote RI ) takes on the NH Criminal Justice and Safety Committee in support of NH HB287  (around minute 56)



Ridiculous Cops Oppose HB287, the Prostitution Study Committee Bill

Rep. Elizabeth Edwards, a Democrat from Manchester, wants to create a study committee to look into decriminalizing sex work. She knows it’s controversial.

Subcommittee on Creating Committee to Study Prostitution Decriminalization on January 28th, 2017


SB 1322 CA is not legalizing underage prostitution!- Jan 1, 2017