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Podcast Long Island Serial Killer in Custody; The DNA Link

Podcast Unraveled: Alexis’s childhood friend claims to have key evidence that could lead to solving the ten year mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer murders. Link

Storming the Sanctuary: All Whores Aboard on June 2, 2023 Link

2023 State of the American Jury System Presentation link


Once Incarcerated Anonymous CT Housing Ambassador Program

COYOTE RI Sex Worker Story Telling Podcast


All In A Day’s (Sex) Work by Blair Hopkins

On The Whorizon podcast 

Lakeesha Harris of Women With A Vision about sex worker organizing and the decriminalization of consensual sex work

 Karina wrote this week’s Willamette Week cover story all about prostitution stings in Portland

 RI Clemency Awareness Panel –  July 2021

Episode 26: Dr. Susan Block  July 2021

Sex with Strangers Episode 59: Jessica Forgie sent the Pimp from ‘Zola’ to prison 

Know Your Rights: Protection, Justice, Compensation – For Sex Workers & Formerly Incarcerated People, by US PROS–  July 2021

Sex Worker Outreach Project Behind Bars Lunch & Learn June 2021

The Trafficked Truth Podcast April 2021

Story Corps with Bella Robinson and Naomi Blech 2016

No More Vigils: The Call For Sex Worker Protection In The Wake Of Atlanta Shootings March 2021


House of Hope CDC podcasts RI Homeless 2021

Superbowl Sex Trafficking Myths 2021

All In A Day’s (Sex) Work  Donah Sandford- 2020 

  All In A Day’s (Sex) Work   May Jeong

The Pennsylvania Project Torturing Sex Workers, with Melanie

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Part III: The Process of Change‬

Joey The Player: The US vs Jose TorresJuly 5th, 2020

Bella Robinson and Naomi Blech- StorycorpsJuly 16th, 2016

Norma Jean Almodovar – Former LA Cop, Sex Worker & Activist- June 2020

Prostitution / Marilyn Haft and Susan Maurer ; interviewed by Viv Sutherland. 2016

PATRON-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: The Bella Robinson Vice-Presidential Podcast Ep. 2 Episode 2.mp3

PATRON-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: The Bella Robinson Vice-Presidential Podcast Ep. 1

How to Prepare for Grad School: 32 Tips for Undergrad Students

Royce Presentation  Transnational  Sex Workers Justice by Yanhoo Cho-November 2019

NERC Amnesty Decrim Policy 2019 presentation 2019

Episode 22: John Prince and Shannah Kurland on the Community Safety Act & the Gang Database– Podcast- November 2019

Backpage v The Feds- Podcast October 2019

Understanding the Advocacy: Building Allyship and Solidarity in Rhode Island, October 2019

How To Be An Ally To Marginalized Communities– October 2019

Sex Work is Work with Jessica Raven

When Sex Trafficking is Sensationalized,  Criminalized Working Together

Human Rights Watch: Government Needs to Act To Decriminalise Sex Work- South AfricaAugust 2019

Manisha Shah is Vice-Chair and Professor of Public Policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. June 2019- Podcast

Lilah Rose – Model – Performer – Activist  –-Warning Adult Content-18+- June 2019

402 – Roundtable: Reflections on the First Year of FOSTA/SESTA-May 2019

Norma Jean Almodovar Cop To Call Girl May 2019

Bella Robinson – COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) Talks #Decrim #SexWorkIsRealWork-March 2019

Coalition Talk Radio- I Joined The ACLU. You Need To Join Now!– March 1st, 2019

Bella Robinson – Executive Director COYOTE RI – Decriminalizing sex work.  Interview with the Matt Allen radio show -February 11th and February  25th

Listen to Bella Robinson discuss recent developments for sex workers and
the upcoming International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers from The Oldest Profession in Podcasts

After FOSTA Impact Report 2018

How Abolition gets Trafficked 

Amy: A Lifelong Sentence-   Oct 2018 Sex Trafficking in Alaska


Texas Christian University Presentation by Coyote

Political Education: Bella Robinson on Sex Worker Rights– August 23rd, 2018

Elena Shih and Andrew Crane on Contemporary Solutions to Human Trafficking Podcast Sept 19th, 2018

Shaka Zine & Ho Stage present Contraflow Anti-Traffic Report #2: Rescue Industry Myth-Understandings  [July 2016]

This issue covers the debunked myth that the age of entry into sex work is 13. No data collected reflects this claim, but the Rescue Industry still raises funds with this falsehood. While some may argue that raising awareness is key, getting funding for programs that don’t apply to the clients is money that could be spent where it is needed.


Nataliia Isaieva: Sex workers organizing for change in Eastern Europe

Aural Sex

VIDEO CHAT: Alex Andrews (SWOP – Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA) w/ Nicholas Tanek June 2018


#119 No More Safe Harbor- April 20th, 2018

Missing From #MeToo — Sex Workers- Podcast March 26th, 2018

Podcast- Let strippers do their jobs: Precarity, police raids and the work of sex work.- Feb 26th, 2018


301 – SESTA from a Sex Worker Perspective- Jan 2018

Political Gingervitis: Episode 17-Sex Workers and Their Struggles For Freedom with Bella Robinson October 9th, 2017

Bella Robinson‘s 2015 lecture from SCSU is syndicated here. Political Gingervitis: Episode 17-Sex Workers and Their Struggles For Freedom with Bella Robinson

Bella Robinson & Norma Jean Almodovar-The Coalition Live! 1/9/16 

SCSU sociologist Dr. Alan Brown on sex work By Andrew Stewart on January 25, 2016

Prof. Joel Quirk lectures at Brown about sex workers By Andrew Stewart on March 27, 2016

Episode 26:  2016  Fighting the Trafficking Narrative from Alaska to Rhode Island 

Trending Globally: Politics and Policy – Episode 4 – Sex Work Is Work- Dec 2016

Sex workers’ rights activist Bella Robinson (Coyote RI)  and sociologist and Watson postdoctoral fellow Elena Shih discuss the “trafficking” and “rescue” narratives muddying the reality of what sex work is–and what sex workers really need.

Ep264: Sex With Timaree On December 17th Philly 2016-podcast

Bella Robinson & Maxine Doogan, Sex Worker Rights Nov 12th, 2015 ESPLER v GASCON

The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition  2017