2016 Articles

Dangers of Safe Harbor Laws Conner 2016

Since when did persecuting sex workers stop human trafficking?  by Scholar Bella Robinson

Addressing the FBI and Polaris Project regarding their failed approach in Super Bowl sex trafficking by Scholar Bella Robinson

Underage Sex Trafficking In Providence To Be Discussed At San Diego Conference – An Activists Reaction: Bella Robinson  Jan 14th, 2016

Amsterdam’s sex workers: the unlikely victims of gentrification– by Beulah Maud DevaneyJan 15th, 2016

Flight Attendants Trained to Report Asian American Women to the Police Because See Something, Say Something-  Jan 15th, 2016

When cops go bad murder sex workers from (1986)  By Bob Calhoun -Jan 14, 2016

SCSU sociologist Dr. Alan Brown on sex work By Andrew Stewart on January 25, 2016

Prostitution Decrim Debated by New Hampshire Lawmakers by Elizabeth Nolan Brown Feb 1st, 2016 

When services allow organizing, trafficked workers win  February 2, 2016

An Open Letter To Gloria Steinem On Intersectional FeminismFeb 8th, 2016

The Problem with Criminalizing Sex Workers’ Clients– by Sebastian Kohn- Feb 9th, 2016

Anti-trafficking campaign harms migrant sex workers– Feb 10th, 2016

What Life Is Like as a Male Transgender Sex Worker- February 10th, 2016

Commercial Sex Industry in Batam–Feb 18th 2016

Donna Hughes, URI professor of sex worker demonization

Sex workers speak: who listens? February 29th,  2016

For decriminalization and justice: sex workers demand legal reform and social change INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON THE RIGHTS OF SEX WORKERS IN EUROPE February 29th 2016

St. Paul officer’s work under review after scathing federal Court of Appeals decision-By Chao Xiong- MARCH 5, 2016

DayOne peddling ineffective and costly sex trafficking programs By Bella Robinson on March 6, 2016


Clinton/Dworkin 2016: Andrea Dworkin And Sex Workers In An Era of Hillary Clinton Feminism by GIULIA ABRAMI (DRONE ABRAMI) on March 8th, 2016

To combat underage prostitution we need facts, not myth By Bella Robinson on March 8, 2016, |


We Asked a Law Professor Whether the Government Could Really Ban Rough Sex– by SIMON DAVIS March 16th, 2016

Not in My “Backyard Abolitionism”: Vigilante Rescue against American Sex Trafficking- March 23rd, 2016

Sex Trafficking: A Media Guide- March 24th, 2022

Prof. Joel Quirk lectures at Brown about sex workers By Andrew Stewart on March 27, 2016

A Pocket Guide to Dealing With Anti’s Online by Jane Green March 31st, 2016

Former sex workers seek protection for prostitutes-April 17th, 2016

Continued Conflation of Sex Work and Human Trafficking in Mexico– April 13th, 2016

Why LGBT and Sex Worker Rights Go Hand-In-Hand By Stephanie Farnsworth-April 14th 2016

Policing the Oldest Profession April 21st, 2016

Serial killers worked Denver streets from ’75 to ’95, police say April 28th 2016

16- Year Old White Girl Text Nude Picture Of Herself To 17-Year Old Black Boy He Sends One Back & Now He’s Being Charged With Child Pornography-  By Cee Cee– April 28th, 2016

What Nobody Tells You About Being A Call Girl- April 4th,2016

Should Prostitution Be a Crime? A growing movement of sex workers and activists is making the decriminalization of sex work a feminist issue.  by EMILY BAZELONMAY 5, 2016

On Mother’s Day, Remembering Sex Worker Moms by Katherine Koster 05/08/2016

Policing the Oldest Profession -April 26th, 2016

Major props to Emily Schell,  another Brown University student that I had the pleasure of collaborating with this semester.- May 2016  https://decriminalizenow.wordpress.com

BRIGHT STAR  May 11th, 2016

Prison is horrifying. For transgender people, it’s hell.  by German Lopez on April 11, 2016

What is: ESPLERP v Gascon?   May 25th 2016

“They won’t change it back in their heads that we’re trash’: the intersection of sex work-related stigma and evolving policing strategies” By Sonja Dolinsek May 23, 2016

The double life lived by student sex workers May 24th, 2016

31 Black Women Who Died In Police Custody -May 27, 2016

A guide to legal models so simple even swerfs can understand it.  May 28th, 2016

Miami’s Long, Silly History of Sex Crackdowns  BY BILL COOKE May 30th, 2016

Poor at 20, Poor for Life June 14th, 2016

‘It’s Destroyed People’s Lives: The Shocking Rise in Hepatitis C-related Deaths  by Nandita Raghuram JUN 16 2016 6:39 PM

Rutter: Bad data can stop the best of causes– by David Rutter -June 16th, 2016

Efforts to crack down on illicit massage parlors have had unintended consequences June 16th, 2016

Who’s The Sacred Prostitute & Why Was She Honored?  July 21st, 2016

What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege BY LORI LAKIN HUTCHERSON July 22st 2016

The Green Party’s Troubling Stance on Sex WorkEmily Pothast– July 29th, 2016

Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world- August 3rd, 2016

Why Sex Workers Shouldn’t Vote Green August 4th, 2016

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Beyond Victims And Villains– by FAE MILLS – AUGUST 11, 2016

Should Prostitution Be Legal? by John S Kiernan  |  Sep 1, 2016

This Labor Day, Let’s Recognize The Work Of Sex Workers Sept 5th, 2016


ICRSE‘s video.

Shopping while sexy, SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 

Addressing the FBI and Polaris Project regarding their failed approach in Super Bowl sex trafficking fight- 2016

UK police raid 280 nail salons in crackdown on modern slavery

Exchange on an anti-trafficking hotline


How Hillary Throws Sex Workers Under The Bus 

HOW THE INTERNET HELPS SEX WORKERS STAY SAFE –  by Norma Jean Almodovar Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Woman Who Redefined What It Means to Be a Sex Worker Nov 22st, 2016

PrYSM reacts to break in and hate crime at their community space Dec 15th, 2016

Understanding December 17th – D/17 Philadelphia- Dec 17th, 2016