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SCSU sociologist Dr. Alan Brown on sex work By Andrew Stewart on January 25, 2016

Alexandra Lutnick, PhD, on domestic minor sex trafficking–   Jan 8, 2016


N.H. First U.S. State to propose bill to decriminalize prostitution press conference NH HB 1614

Courageous state representative Elizabeth Edwards in New Hampshire has put forth a bill HB-1614 to decriminalize adult consensual prostitution! This unprecedented move inspired dedicated sex worker rights activists to travel to N.H. To speak with state representatives and participate in the hearing and press conferences. Activists representing several sex worker orgs were present. , Bella Robinson of COYOTE Rhode Island and ESPLERP (Erotic Service Providers Legal Education and Research Project) and Phoebe Jones from the Global Women’s Strike and Rachel West from the US prostitutes collective, took questions from the press and government officials present. This clip features Bella Robinson, long time erotic service provider and activist.

First-Ever Bill to Repeal Prohibition On Prostitution – Hearing and Press Conference

Published on Jan 30, 2016

Elizabeth Edwards is a Free State Project early mover and elected Democrat state representative who has heroically put forth the only proposed repeal of the prohibition on prostitution

Published on Mar 11, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Edwards testimony during the House vote on HB-1614. This is the entire testimony and vote presented on March 10, 2016, during the house session. There were some interesting developments regarding this bill as Edwards points out at the beginning of her testimony. An unorthodox meeting had to be held after documents of a previous vote had been lost. A video record and photograph of the document was not accepted by the committee as evidence of the previous meeting. She notes resistance to the bill by the majority whip before any evidence or testimony had been presented and states “evidence should proceed conclusions”. Despite all of this- one could say that the bill almost made it thru, losing by only 7 votes. There were 145 who would have passed it, 152 were against it. That is not a landslide loss by any stretch and is a good sign that with another round and more work, NH could be one of the first states to decriminalize thru a house bill.

We are very grateful to the Senators who carried and supported this bill. It is a courageous and compassionate action.


 NH HB 1614 Action Team 

From Left to right Bella Robison (Coyote RI) NH Representative Elizabeth EdwardsRachel West from the US prostitutes collective and Phoebe Jones from the Global Women’s Strike.


Sharmila representing the Philippines Sex Worker Collective. She speaks on sex worker rights and her experiences working with trafficking NGO’s and how it changed her perspective.- Apr 7, 2016


Another fabulous day with my friend, the brilliant Elena Shih and her students at Brown University. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been given a platform to shine the light on the harmful effects of the “Trafficking and The Prison Industrial Complex”. Thank you, Elena, for your friendship, mentoring and the awesome flowers.

Here is one of the video’s the students made for their final project. I will have several more of the student videos soon.

BRIGHT STAR  May 11th, 2016

Major props to Emily Schell,  another Brown University student that I had the pleasure of collaborating with this semester.- May 2016

SB1110 CA LEAD law enforcement assisted diversion testimony– Jun 29, 2016


OAKLAND POLICE SEX SCANDAL- affirming white supremacy failed policy– Jul 2, 2016

LEAD A DIVERSION from real solution: DECRIM. Cops sexually abusing under FAILED POLICY- July 5, 2016


Maxine Doogan & Julie Bates discuss the struggle for Sex Worker Rights – Decriminalization– July 29, 2016


CUSP ALASKA – immunity for sex workers who are crime victims!- July 30, 2016

Democracy Now DNC 2016 – Failed policy drives people into sex work– Aug 5, 2016

Celeste Guap – police corruption – coercing sex from prostitutes is nationwide issue– Sep 15, 2016



State sponsored rape – cops legally having sex with sex workers during investigations- Dec 20, 2016

Bella Robinson presents on Sex Workers’ Rights at the University of New Hampshire November 5th, 2014



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