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Prosecution Makes Last Minute Disclosure in Backpage Trial, Defense Attorney Moves for Dismissal Link

Attempt to rewrite the history of #BackpageTrial. No mention of Vaught or Padilla, who prevailed. Lacey, a “conspirator”? He was not convicted of conspiracy. Larkin, a “co-conspirator.” No, he died an innocent man. “Backpage Principals Convicted of $500M Prostitution Promotion Scheme Link

Sex Workers Decry Verdicts in Backpage’s Federal Show Trial Link & Link

Backpage Trial Ends with a Little Justice and a Mountain of Misery Link

Once Again, DOJ Fails To Convict Backpage Boss Of Sex Trafficking Or Prostitution Link

Backpage: The Monumental Free Speech Case the Media Ignored Link

Wife of Gilgo Beach Suspect Gets a Documentary Deal. Rex Heuermann is accused of killing three women. Where some saw depravity, others saw a chance to make a show.  Link

Finding a balance when reporting on sex work Link

Girls Do Porn, a DOJ investigation failed to find any evidence of criminality or complicity with sex trafficking or related charges and declined to bring charges. Link

International House of Prayer Founder Mike Bickle Accused of Sexual Abuse Link

Tim Ballard is under criminal investigation after a woman reported her sexual assault allegation to police Link

A Private Island, Downloads From God, and the ‘Couples Ruse’: Inside the Dangerous World of Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad Link

Sex Crime Victim Denied $69,000 Settlement Because Cops Seized Her Abuser’s Cash Through Civil Forfeiture Link

County Eminent Domains the Strip Club Next Door to Make Room for More Parking Link

BOSTON: High-end brothels serviced elected officials, tech and pharma execs, military brass: Feds Link

An Anti-Porn Leader Is Accused and the Media’s Silence Is Deafening

Mike Bickle, a founding father of anti-porn org Exodus Cry, has stepped away from his ministry after sexual misconduct allegations Link

Maine’s new law partially decriminalizing sex work is not what it seems Link

The largest community of direct services providers for victims of trafficking @FreedomNetUSA has issued guidelines on “Re-Centering Sex Worker Safety in Anti-Trafficking Work”. It’s affirming AND respectful! Link

Ties between major sporting events and sex trafficking is a myth Link

Marine Veteran Sues Tim Ballard and OUR Over Sexual Assault Claims, Injuries Suffered In Training Link

DoDEA America’s Chief of Staff Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting Operation in Georgia Link

Finding a balance when reporting on sex work Link

Human trafficking Investigations are simply anti sex work raids. Police don’t even pretend anymore that they are seeking exploitation, they are just repressing sex workers. Link

“A Canadian man who used a machete to murder a Toronto massage parlor employee has been sentenced to life in prison for a killing the judge deemed to be an act of terrorism motivated by the online “incel” subculture.” Link

Google starts deleting dormant accounts on Dec 1st. Here’s how to save yours. Link

World’s First Statue Of Sex Worker To Return To East Sydney Link

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is the Decriminalization of Sex Work Link

A Private Island, Downloads From God, and the ‘Couples Ruse’: Inside the Dangerous World of Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad Link

Sex Workers Celebrate the Conviction of Jose Torres aka “Joey the Player” Link

The Botched Hunt for the Gilgo Beach Killer Link

Southern Baptist leaders outraged by sex abuse filing: Survivors ‘earned the right to be heard’ Link

International House of Prayer Founder Mike Bickle Accused of Sexual Abuse Link

The Damning Details of the Lawsuit Against Sound of Freedom’s Hero Link

Utah Attorney General was under criminal investigation along with Tim Ballard, OUR Link

Glenn Beck Turns On Tim Ballard Link

Tim Ballard supporter, former LDS youth leader, sentenced for possessing child porn Link

O.U.R.’s International Rescue Missions: The Truth Behind the Hype, Part 1 Link

Five of Tim Ballard’s Alleged Victims Have Filed a Lawsuit Against Him Link

The Damning Details of the Lawsuit Against Sound of Freedom’s Hero Link

How modeling agencies recruit refugees from one of the world’s biggest camps Link

Backpage Trial Resumes Oct. 10, as Federal Prosecutors Ruin Lives Big Brother-style Link

Backpage Attorneys Undercut Testimony of NCMEC and Polaris Honchos Link

Backpage Defense Moves for Acquittal, Prosecution Rests Link

Backpage Defense Calls First Two Witnesses, Prosecutor Ticked by Text Messages Link

Jurors hear opposite views of whether Backpage founder knew the site was running sex ads Link

Privacy watchdog critical of Dutch plans for a digital sex worker registry Link

Global: Experts back decriminalization as the best means to enhance the rights of sex workers  Link

Missouri Teacher Suspended After Being Outed as OnlyFans Creator Link

Virginia DA Pressured to Charge Candidate With ‘Prostitution’ for Camming Link

Say Her Name Gender, Justice, and Healing with Sashi James Link

Federal appeals court expands limits on Biden administration in First Amendment case Link

Supreme Court Lifts Limits for Now on Biden Officials’ Contacts With Tech Platforms Link

Sexuality, Emotions, Stubbornness, and Truth Link

Psychological Operations (US) Link

A New Way to Prevent S.T.I.s: A Pill After Sex Link

Practicing Gratitude to Foster Healthy Movements Link

Experiential Trauma Indicators for Outreach and Advocacy Workers Link

RIP Bryan Knight. If you want to get to know his sweet, smart and sensitive nature, this podcast is the place to start. Link 

The Media and Police Have a History of Ignoring Violence Against Sex Workers Link

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Wrote Letters in Support of Danny Masterson Ahead of Rape Sentencing; Kutcher Called Him a ‘Role Model’ Link

Maxine and Bella talk about Ashton Kutcher’s long history of exploiting sex workers. Link

Ashton Kutcher Steps Down as Board Chair of Anti-Child-Sex-Abuse Organization Link


First Amendment in The News

The FOSTA-SESTA Fallout Is About to Get Worse Link

Stripe Forbids Sex Work, But Profits From Non-Consensual Porn Link

U.K. Government Finally Admits It Can’t Scan for Child Porn Without Violating Everybody’s Privacy Link

Apple’s Decision to Kill Its CSAM Photo-Scanning Tool Sparks Fresh Controversy Link

Get Real, Congress: Censoring Search Results or Recommendations Is Still Censorship Link

A Cop Jailed Her for 2 Years on Fake Charges. Will She Ever Get Justice? Link

Appeals Court Rules White House Overstepped 1st Amendment on Social Media (And yet the government has been allowed to use OUR tax dollars to promote its misinformation campaign on s$x trafficking and has used the same tactics to purge s$x work content) Link

Is Biden-Backed Bill Banning Transgender Content? What We Know Link

Italian Government Pulls Back on Controversial Anti-Porn Language in ‘Youth Crime’ Bill Link

These Sex Workers From the Bible Were God’s Favorites Link

Portland’s Magic Tavern becomes 2nd unionized strip club in the U.S. Link

Matt Walsh flouted YouTube guidelines with anti-LGBTQ hate after being stripped of advertiser revenue. The platform responded by restoring the revenue Link

The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas held a ceremony to bless members of the drag and charity organization, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Link

Cryptic 5th Circuit Decision Throws Texas Age Verification Controversy Into Chaos Link

‘Sound of Freedom’ Producer Felt the Naked Breasts of Apparently Underage Trafficking Victim Link

Operation Underground Railroad Child-Rescue Missions Were Based on Psychic Intelligence Link

134 arrested for commercial sex transactions, including ‘one prominent DFW city employee Link

Are You There, God? Sex Workers Struggle To Find Acceptance in Religion. Religious Leaders Can Change That Link

An Ally’s Guide to Using the Right Words for the Sex Industry Link

Video appears to show man drag sex work activist during Hamilton march against violence Link

Germany: Sex worker registrations increase after pandemic Link

Majority of MEPs reject or abstain on dangerous and flawed proposal to criminalize clients of sex workers Link

The Serial Killer Hiding in Plain Sight Link

The End of Privacy is a Taylor Swift Fan TikTok Account Armed with Facial Recognition Tech Link

Reiki and Legislation Link

The Gilgo Beach Victims Were Always More Than Escorts

It’s Perfect That a Sex Worker Could Bring Down a President Link

Senate fails to advance Equal Rights Amendment resolution Link

On the fifth anniversary of their arrests due to their former ownership of Backpage, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin still refuse to bow before the federal government. Link

Fired gay judge vows to continue OnlyFans career: ‘Sex work is not shameful’ Link

This College President Knows the First Amendment Protects the Drag Show He Canceled. He Just Doesn’t Care. Link

Pro Mountain Biker, Cycling Federation Clash Over OnlyFans Sponsorship Link

Digital Rights, Adult Industry Groups Warn About ‘Porn Passport’ State Laws Link

Thailand Drafts Bill to Decriminalize its Billion-Dollar Sex Trade Link

5 Years After the Backpage Shutdown, Sex Workers—and Free Speech—Are Still Suffering Link

Sex workers call foul on SFPD’s prostitution sting  Link

Former Vice Cop on Trial In Death of Sex Worker – The Story So Far Link


Podcast Episode: Safer Sex Work Makes a Safer Internet Link

TikTok’s popularity poses a problem for those who wish to ban it Link

Stormy Daniels Went on OnlyFans to Say She’s Ready to Testify Against Trump Link

Reminder: Section 230 Protects You When You Forward An Email Link

It’s Finally Happened! A Call to Ban the Bible for Pornography Link

In Our Blood: Sex Worker Rights Advocate Julie Bates Reflects on the ABC Miniseries Link

The proposed bill would give Commerce Secretary Raimondo power to restrict tech platforms Link

36 Attorneys General signed a letter to Congress, urging that all calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline be turned over indiscriminately to law enforcement because they dont turn over every tip to Law Enforcement like the federally funded organization Polaris Project. Link

U.S. SPECIAL FORCES WANT TO USE DEEPFAKES FOR PSY-OPS. The U.S. government spent years warning deep fakes could destabilize democratic societies. Link

All Porn Is Exploitation, UK Inquiry Concludes Without Speaking to Any Sex Workers Link

“Silence is better” — How the criminalization of sex workers keeps exploitation in the shadows Link

Ireland: Sex workers set to get shopping vouchers amid warning the cost of living crisis is causing hardship Link

Thailand: Committee proposes law legalizing prostitution over 20 Link

When It Comes to OnlyFans, Humans Can Outcompete AI Link

Safe, not seedy: How sex work changed after two decades of decrim in New Zealand Link

A French photographer offers an unexpected view of America through many strip clubs Link

Stripper faces jail hitting boyfriend with a wad of cash Link

Dozens of UK police officers disciplined over sexual contact with crime victims and witnesses Link

DHS has a program gathering domestic intelligence — and virtually no one knows about it Link

U.S. Justice Department tells panel changes in law don’t warrant cutting sentences Link

Phoenix police made nearly 350 arrests related to the anti-trafficking campaign Link

Ban on Edinburgh lap dancing clubs overturned Link

Two men are held for duping 4,000 men over fake sex work gigs Link

A Glossary of Sex Worker Terminology Link

Sex workers use 70% of their income to buy condoms Link

The Other Sex Tourism: Rich Women Paying Men Link

15 sex workers on the joys and challenges of their line of work Link

Calendar Girls dancers take employment campaign to Parliament Link

Sexual attacks against teen girls increased at school, online, and at home during lockdown Link

The Sex Researcher and the Furries Link

A Virtual Reality Sex Worker Was Denied Entry to the U.S. for ‘Prostitution’ Link

Democratic governors form an alliance on abortion rights Link

High-Risk Hustling: Payment Processors Sexual Proxies and Discrimination by Design Link 

Inside the Dark Underbelly of New York’s Most Glam Strip Club Link

The effects of COVID-19 on sex workers Link

Sex Workers’ Lived Experiences With COVID-19 on Social Media: Content Analysis of Twitter Posts Link


WATCH | We’ve lost many sisters: Why SA sex workers’ lives could be safer from 2024 Link

There’s a Way to Add the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution—And We Did It Link

SUPER BOWL HANGOVER- The High Cost of a Beer at the Super Bowl link

Things Not Said by Amber Nickerson link

Arizona police investigating sex trafficking at massage parlor solicited sex acts from potential victims: link

Civil Rights Advocates Protest Focus of Super Bowl Spike in Police Activity link

This article keeps saying children and trafficking results from the SuperBowl raids, & yet it seems 160 of the 169 people were adults. link

Police Charged With Killing Tyre Nichols Allegedly Beat Another Man Days Before link

Policing has a sexual violence problem link

Florida weighs mandating menstrual cycle details for female athletes link

Sex-work advocates say anti-trafficking campaigns do more harm than good link

Ducey OK’d $1.5M Ad Buy to Promote Super Bowl/Sex Trafficking Hoax link

Mississippi Senate committee passes age verification bill for porn sites link

Missouri cop named Seth P. Wilkins who was convicted 10 years ago of possessing child pornography was charged on 1/18/23 with sexual abuse of a 9-year-old girl. link

Dr. David Ley schools his fellow therapists on the reality of sex work link

Memphis police disband unit that fatally beat Tyre Nichols link

Inside a US Neo-Nazi Homeschool Network With Thousands of Members link

Appeals court seems poised to void part of sex trafficking law link