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UPDATE October 2022

Statement: Governor Commits to Getting Abortion Bans Out of State Budget link


COYOTE is excited to join the Womxn Project Steering Committee to get “The Equality in Abortion Coverage Act”  (EACA) passed.  We are dedicating this page to highlight this work and to help educate the public on these issues. We will be archiving tons of training materials to help with movement-building to get the EACA passed.

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Letters to the Editor Toolkit

Graphics Folder [link]

DRAFT Sign On for EACA, Jan 2022 [link]

#WhatsUpWithCVS: Social Media Guide – Social media toolkit and a set of graphics  [link] and CVS Petition [link]



1) Call Governor McKee. (401-222-2080)
– Likely you will just be asked to leave a message, so it is really simple, but calls make a BIG impact!

2)  E-mail Governor McKee. (
– A simple copy and paste and you can speak out.

Sample email (just copy, paste and SEND right away to

Dear Governor McKee,

I am writing in response to your proposed 2023 state budget. I applaud the investment in affordable housing, attention to climate change, and the expansion of postpartum coverage, but I am incredibly disappointed that you refused to address the harmful health and financial impacts of the bans on abortion coverage for state employees and people who use Medicaid. This is short-sighted and just plain wrong. I hope you will work with the General Assembly to rectify this and get rid of the harmful limits on benefits for people in our state who need an abortion.
Thank you.
Sincerely, (include your name and address to show you are a RI resident)




Rhode Island Supreme Court taking up a challenge to Rhode Island’s Reproductive Privacy Act, which guarantees the right to abortion in the state- January 27th, 2022 [link]

ACLU Fights Effort to Overturn Rhode Island’s Reproductive Freedom Law- September 20th, 2021[link]

Senator Valverde and Rep. Cassar: End Rhode Island’s abortion bans- January 18th, 2022 [link]