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Private diversion programs are failing those who need help the most– May 31st 2017

Youth Involvement in the Sex Trade   

Criminalization, legalization or decriminalization of sex work: what female sex workers say in San Francisco, USA by Alexandra Lutnick– Dec 3rd 2009

Research Summary: Consequences of Policing Prostitution – An Analysis of Individuals Arrested and Prosecuted in New York City 

National sex work policy and HIV prevalence among sex workers: an ecological regression analysis of 27 European countries  Dr Aaron Reeves, PhD Correspondence information about the author Dr Aaron Reeves, Sarah Steele, PhD, Prof David Stuckler, PhD, Prof Martin McKee, MD, Andrew Amato-Gauci, MD, Prof Jan C Semenza, PhD

The Virtues of Unvirtuous Spaces 50 Wake Forest L. Rev. 403 (2017) July 27th 2017  

U.S. Is a Sorry 36th Among Nations in Quality-of-Childhood Ranking by April M. Short / June 19th 2017

A guide to legal models so simple even swerfs can understand it. 

Sex Work and the Law – the Case for Decriminalization (Desiree Alliance) 

Sex worker as Character to Sex Worker as Producer: A Review of Nicholas de Villier’s “Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary” By Theresa Anasti

#Whorenation’s Open Letter to Deferment Program- LEAD 

10 Reasons to Decriminalise Sex Work (Open Society) 

Consequences of Policing Prostitution: An Analysis of Individuals Arrested and Prosecuted for Commercial Sex in New York City  By Sonja Dolinsek April 11, 2017

Research Summary | The Role of Sex Work Stigma in Victim Blaming and Empathy of Sexual Assault Survivors– 2017

Fact Sheet | Minority Stress & Sex Work: Understanding Stress and Internalized Stigma-2017

Killed By Police 2017 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016

 Prostitution, hours, job amenities and education- Scott Cunningham, Todd D. Kendall, March 8th 2017

Resistance to Sex Work Stigma (2017) by Ronal Weitner 

Additional reflections on sex work stigma Ronald Weitzer of George Washington University, USA

How Attorney Pamela Price failed Celeste Guap

Should Prostitution Be Legal? by John S Kiernan  |  Sep 1, 2016  

Addressing the FBI and Polaris Project regarding their failed approach in Super Bowl sex trafficking fight- 2016

SCSU sociologist Dr. Alan Brown on sex work By Andrew Stewart on January 25, 2016

Colorado Human Trafficking Council 2015 Annual Report

Learn Human Trafficking From Home  by TARA BURNS on OCTOBER 28, 2014     

Human Trafficking Offenses and Clearances by State, 2015  If you add up the columns, you will find that the total number of sex trafficking victims REPORTED was 744, of which 310 were confirmed victims, and of those, 3 were minors. Of the remaining “human trafficking victims” 219 were for involuntary servitude, of which 77 were confirmed. (remember- the government does NOT conduct sting operations on hotels, restaurants, etc.  Where human trafficking victims could be found)

Post-Conviction DNA Testing and Wrongful Conviction.  Washington D.C.’s Urban Institute, Justice Policy Center, June 2012