2 NH Prostitution Raids, 25 Asian Migrant Sex Workers at Risk of ICE

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Let’s take a look at how the police frame this

” Two homes in the city one in a middle-class neighborhood  were used as houses of prostitution in a sex trafficking ring that involved as many as two dozen Chinese women under the control of a Concord couple, federal prosecutors said Friday.”

There is no proof that these migrant sex workers were under anyone’s control.

In reality, this is a system called “working the circuit”, where migrant sex workers travel from city to city and are housed and given workspace and 3rd party support staff  (security, screening clients, store runs, transportation back and forth from the train & bus stations). In exchange, they give the 3rd party support staff,  1/3 of their earnings.

This will be a federal case because they are being charged with interstate transportation and travel for prostitution aka the Mann Act;  two counts of sex trafficking by fraud and coercion; and five counts of interstate transportation for prostitution.

So its likely that they have threatened to deport the women if they won’t say that they were forced. They will bring the anti-trafficking task force, which is all the local orgs that are funded to combat sex trafficking in to interview the women, with a translator. But nobody will really know what the women are saying because the task force will be framing the questions and answers. The women can be detained in shelters for maybe a year or 2 while they make them testify against a 3rd party support staff.

While the US is allowed to grant up to 5,000 T visa’s a year for victims of human trafficking, even before Trump, very few T visas were being issued which means most of the women were being deported.

Also, note the racist whorephobic neighbors they cite in the article, who are snitching on sex workers to get them arrested. Then to add to the stigma and drama with “now our children can go outside and play”

They also throw in ” on a quiet residential street within earshot of Our Lady of the Cedars Church”  hmm with all the Preist raping children with impunity,

Sadly the public believes this shit, and the surveillance of sex workers grows and grows. In almost any city in the US, you can find a local organization that will “teach you to spot trafficking”. They are teaching people how to identify sex workers and asking them to call 911. They even tell people not to approach the women to ask them if they are ok because a dangerous pimp might be nearby. They write books and make movies because scandalous sex taglines sell.   It’s what I call trauma porn.

I find it hard to believe that it took years worth of investigation to get a federal inditement in these 2 NH cases, because in 2008 the NJ swat team kicked in my door with a ram, without a warrant, because I had a craigslist ad.

Notice how it goes down differently in the media when cops are caught running brothels. No federal charges for them.

Seven Police Officers Charged with Running Eight NY Brothels- Sept 16th, 2018

Meanwhile in Rhode Island when a female employee reported being sexually assaulted by a male patron, the police do not investigate the assault, instead, they run a vice sting and arrest 3 dancers for prostitution.

Letter Condemning the City of Providence Police Department’s Raid on the Foxy Lady and Arrests of Sex Workers