My Favorite Abolitionist


Journalists Shouldn’t Be Copy-and-Pasting Police Press Releases -Oct 15th, 2018

Anti Prostitution Lobby Attacks John Jay College Professors to Discredit their Research.- Oct 7th, 2018

FOSTA For Nonprofit Groups Bill Quietly Passes House Wednesday Bill Would Let Nonprofits Share Info on ‘Sex Trafficking’ — Even if They’re False Sept 27th, 2018

The Millionaire Abolitionist: Oil Heiress Swanee Hunt’s Crusade to Stamp Out Sex Work Sept 27th, 2018

A woman regrets using ‘human trafficking’ term in a viral video, stands by raising awarenessSept 19th, 2018

Seven Police Officers Charged with RunningEight NY Brothels- Sept 2018

Beyond Strange Bedfellows- How the “War on Trafficking” Was Made to Unite the Left and Right- August 2018

Anti-Trafficking Laws Are Hurting, Not Helping, but Sex Workers Are Fighting BackAugust 24th, 2018

How “abolitionists” are using deception to sway the narrative -July 24th, 2018

When former Sex Workers become SWERFS- July 17th, 2018

Gov. Northam signs bill to help keep human trafficking suspects from getting out on bail- June 25th, 2018

Anti-Sex Work Crusaders Now Coming for Legal Prostitution in Nevada-  May 2st, 2018

Meet The San Diego DA Who Seized On The Human Trafficking Panic to Become A Law Enforcement Superstar-May 2st, 2018


California Judge Rules for Antigay Baker Who Refused Cake to Same-Sex Couple- Feb 6th, 2018

Bill would make seeking out a prostitute a felony, in push against human trafficking– Jan 11th, 2018

$100 million over a 10-year period in software to stalk online sex workers because they are jealous that we make $150 billion in profits and that we have lifted ourselves out of poverty and yet they call us criminals.  Meanwhile, the few real victims of trafficking can’t even get a rescue sandwich.

The New Abolitionist Model BY LAURA AGUSTÍN  Dec 6th, 2017

How do you spot a pimp? New state law calls for mandatory human trafficking prevention education in the schools- Dec 6th,2017

The Hunt sisters: Abolitionists  “Doing it for themselves.

Montreal just won My favorite abolitionist of the year with this video!


Rachel Morgan- “Played out”  by by Maggie McNeill

 Rachel Morgan is a fraud 

Donna Hughes, URI professor of sex worker demonization
Melissa Farley’s claims regarding decriminalization of sex work in New Zealand- Official complaint by Calum Bennachie, PhD
More of Melissa Farley by Maggie McNeill
Melissa Farley – Wikipedia