Crockor @CrockorUS to the Rescue

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Crockor @CrockorUS to the Rescue.

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US President Donald Trump signed a combined bill into law known as FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex-Trafficking Act) in the hope of combating illegal sex trafficking online.

The move means that what has been dubbed one of the most important pieces of internet legislation, Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which upheld freedom of speech laws that protected publishers from liability, has been amended — and it’s thrown everything into a spin. FOSTA-SESTA has shattered the Act, creating a loophole that means publishers would be responsible if users are found posting ads for prostitution on their website.

The bill has good intentions — it aims to toughen sex trafficking laws, making it illegal to knowingly assist, facilitate, or support sex trafficking, however it purposely conflates sex trafficking with consensual adult sex work.  But in doing so it has claimed unsuspecting victims as far as Australia where for the most part Sex Work is legalized or decriminalized.  In Australia, the number one classifieds and escort advertising website went down due to FOSTA.

Bella Robinson, the executive director of Coyote RI, went on to explain how Coyote RI documented the immediate effects that FOSTA has had on US Sex Workers. “Our support lines were blowing up with calls from Sex workers across the US.  Luckily, ‘Betty’,  a Sex Worker from Australia with the support of a team of Australian and International Sex Workers, reached out to US Sex Workers with a long-term solution.

As soon as they were able to replace their own advertising platform in Australia with, ‘Betty’ went on to create a platform for the US – AQ  – US Escorts.

Crockor is also creating platforms globally at: (Worldwide) (Canada) (Europe) (United Kingdom) (New Zealand) (Asia) (Africa)

‘Betty’ goes on to explain that Crockor is completely legal and they believe to be FOSTA safe.

Not only is Crockor the long-term solution globally for classifieds advertising as well as adult services, they ask their wider community among which are many sex workers globally – what functions they need and want from this platform. Crockor is implementing these changes on a regular basis.

Crockor also has awesome customer service. They have implemented a support help desk on the site that anybody can access for support when one of the many volunteers making this happen are Online and helping people.

This makes communicating with them easier than any other sites.  Crockor is also free. While Crockor does offer paid upgrades, it will always be a platform that allows all their advertisers including sex workers to post FREE classified ads.

‘Betty’ and those helping her build and manage the site, genuinely care about those who use the site, their community and Sex Workers around the world. They are passionate about a range of current social issues amongst which is Sex Workers rights.

They hope to make a difference and build up an amazing platform. With the help of Sex Workers worldwide they can. The achievements they have made in the two months since Crockor’s Australian launch have been amazing. Many people from the Australian site are already seeing success from advertising on the site with visitor numbers to the site is high and growing all the time.

They were able to achieve this ongoing success with the support of many Australian Sex Workers and those globally as well as those in the Adult community and including those supporting them by working together as a team via social media amongst other things.

They hope now, that more people, as well as Sex Workers from around the world, will join them in growing the platform like they did and continue to do with their site so that it is a success for those advertising international as well.