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The rescue pimp industry is exploitative.  I would even call it FRAUD, with the government’s approval.  They run and hide from sex workers like cowards, because they know we have “the evidence” to confront them.
“Human Trafficking” by Ohio University in affiliation with Coursera Online learning, becoming more acquainted with the many flaws of conflating trafficking with sex work


Step 1.    Sell the hysteria while you re-exploit a trafficking victim for your own profit.
In a ballroom at Boston’s upscale Westin Copley Place Hotel this spring, more than 250 law-enforcement officers, advocates and survivors of the sex trade, sat riveted, some openly weeping, as they watched a video of a young woman in a dreary motel room, taking her clothes off, telling her grim life story to one uncaring, unhearing man after another. The video’s final message: If men didn’t buy her, pimps couldn’t sell her.
So how it is not FRAUD, that these NGO’s  are advocating to arrest Americans, rather than help house and feed them. While they spend millions keeping custody or the narrative in the media.
Nearly 90 percent of the minors profiled in a John Jay College study indicated they wanted to leave “the life” — but cited access to stable housing as one of the biggest obstacles. In New York City alone, almost 4,000 homeless youths lack stable housing, yet there are barely more than 100 long-term shelter beds to serve them.

Step 2    “Ignore Poverty “

“The problem is that the “end demand” campaign will harm trafficking victims and sex workers more than it helps them.”
“You will see that in any country when you criminalize both parts, the police go for the women,” said Kasja Wahlberg, a Swedish detective and the country’s rapporteur on human trafficking. According to Meagan Morris, a Colorado researcher who has studied law-enforcement approaches to prostitution, even so-called “victim-centered” approaches disproportionately hurt women, leaving them more vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation because they have criminal records, which limit their access to affordable housing and sustainable-wage jobs.
THE best law-enforcement strategy to prevent trafficking into forced prostitution is not an end-demand campaign that harms current sex workers. What’s needed instead is a commitment to seriously investigate and prosecute traffickers and impose harsh punishment on those who rape and assault sex workers. Police departments also need public ombudsmen, tough internal-affairs bureaus and vigorous monitoring to combat corruption and abuse. If those in the sex trade felt comfortable reporting rape to the police rather than running from them, police departments would have a much easier time discovering cases of trafficking.

A Misguided Moral Crusade

Here is how you can help

Want to send a premade postcard to your local politician to ask them to stop spreading lies about sex work? How about the SAVE Act- want to ask your local journalist and politician to NOT support that hideous proposed legislation? Here are some postcards you can print out on 11 x 17 card stock, cut and mail!