National events

 ESPLER V GASCON in the 9th District Court of Appeals.- Oct 19th, 2017

16-15927 Erotic Svc Provider Legal Edu. v. George Gascon



Sept 24th, 2017

NH #HB287 #DecrimNow- Sept 5th 2017

We are so grateful to the courageous activists who came to Concord today to support HB 287 at one of its subcommittee hearings. This bill would create a study committee to examine the costs and benefits of alternative legal approaches to sex work.

1st photo- From left to right: Reverend Sarah Carpenter, me, Laurel, Bella Robinson from COYOTE RI, Eris Vayle and Melanie Dante from the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and Professor Joelle Ryan of UNH.


“Hookers for health care’ are fighting against Trumpcare”  July 19th, 2017

Hat tip to our good friend Cris Sardina director of Desiree Alliance, who is on her way to DC with 100 activists who have volunteered to be arrested tomorrow. (July 18th, 2017)

“You’ll have to drag me out of this building senator because I will not stand up and walk away until this healthcare bill is destroyed!!!!!!

It will be well choreographed! This kickass group is well organized and they have prepaid the fines that people will ensure from their arrest.

Video of being taken to jail 

Don’t kill me! Kill the bill! Health care is a human right!

The U.N. General Assembly organises an interactive hearing in New York City (USA) on Friday, June 23, 2017 on the U.N. Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons.  Video here
#Porcfest 2017-  June 22st 2017
Allied Media Conference 2017  #noperfectvictim

Bella Robinson – Framing the narrative



No Perfect Victims Interviews

At #clpp2017 and sex workers well welcomed and engaged in the reproductive rights movement talking about mass incarceration, motherhood, community and women’s healthcare! Knowledge is power!