What is Coyote



Founded in 2010 Coyote RI (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) is a local and national coalition of sex workers, former sex workers, and trafficking victims, working together with supporting networks for an improved understanding of sexual policies and its human, social and political impacts of criminalization surrounding global policies in sex work.  Our priorities are to build local leadership to effect national and worldwide shifts by constructively advocating for sex workers’ human, health, labor, and civil rights. We commit ourselves to the tenets of human rights and base our foundations upon equality, empowerment, and agency, that bring those voices into constructive and productive leadership roles in the sex worker rights movements and umbrella issues unique to sex work. We advocate for the full decriminalization of all forms of consensual sex work. We envision a future when we can all, as former and current sex workers access equal protection under the law or other public services without discrimination. To that end, we work towards changing the social perception and reducing stigma through educational outreach.

Coyote (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics)  was founded by Margo St. James,  in 1973 to work for the repeal of the prostitution laws and an end to the stigma associated with sex work. In addition to engaging in public education regarding a wide range of issues related to prostitution, COYOTE has provided crisis counseling, support groups, and referrals to legal and other service providers to thousands of prostitutes, mostly women. COYOTE members have also testified at government hearings, served as expert witnesses in trials, helped police with investigations of crimes against prostitutes, and provided sensitivity training to government and private non-profit agencies that provide services to prostitutes.

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Records of Coyote, 1962-1989   FOUND IN Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute