How the CIA Turned Us onto LSD and Heroin: Secrets of America’s War on Drugs New History Channel series explores the dark corners of prohibition and takes viewers on great, freaky tripNick Gillespie|Jun. 23, 2017

When Cops Lie- After being falsely labeled a sexual predator, a man gets justice. But why is the officer still working?  Matt Stroud | June 22, 2017

Cindy McCain: Crony Philanthropist From pill theft to cozying up to authoritarians, Trump’s pick for U.S. ambassador on human rights has a long history of abusing the system. Elizabeth Nolan Brown | June 20, 2017

Cops Have Lost Control of Their Trafficking Panic, and It’s Beautiful Even the police can’t control human-trafficking hysteria anymore, and it could backfire for them. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Jun. 12, 2017

The DEA’s Warrantless Cash Grab Drug squads snag $4 billion using asset forfeiture. C.J. Ciaramella from the July 2017

Congress Wants to Let Cops Wiretap Sex Workers, the CDC Study Them, and Homeland Security Screen Them A batch of frightening new bills take aim at all sorts of civil liberties under the guise of stopping sexual exploitation.  Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Jun. 9, 2017

Jeff Sessions Says Social Media, Encrypted Apps Hamper War on ‘Modern Slavery’ These are the tools of pornographers, “sextortionists,” and human traffickers, Sessions told a police conference this weekElizabeth Nolan Brown|Jun. 8, 2017 

GOP Maps Out New Ways to Throw People in Federal Prison Senators drafting massive combination bill with “Kate’s Law” and “Back the Blue” mandatory minimum sentences that are expensive, unneeded.  Scott Shackford|Jun. 1, 2017

House Overwhelmingly Supports Bill Subjecting Teen Sexters to 15-Years in Federal Prison The bill was requested by the Department of Justice after federal prosecutors bungled a child exploitation case.  Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 31, 2017

‘Operation Big Bad John’ Used 75 Cops, Six Federal Agencies to Catch 13 Sex Buyers Naturally, they’re portraying it as a success.  Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 31, 2017

Supreme Court Rules 8-0 for Police in Major Fourth Amendment Case

SCOTUS rejects “provocation doctrine,” says illegal police search must be viewed separately from subsequent police use of force. If the police had not violated the Constitution to begin with in this case, the police would not have had the opportunity to use any sort of force at all.

Alaska Cops Fight for the Right to Sexually Exploit Prostitution Suspects New laws are under debate, but the practice is more common than you think.  Maggie McNeill | May 25, 2017

Judge Orders Oakland Cop to Trial; Says He Was ‘Like a Pimp’ to Exploited TeenFormer Oakland cop Brian Bunton is one of dozens of area police officers who’ve been implicated in the sexual exploitation of “Celeste Guap.” Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 23, 2017

996 Sex Workers Busted in FBI’s Last ‘Operation Cross Country,’ Says Comey That’s 332 times as many sex workers arrested in the stings as people indicted on federal charges involving a minor. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 19, 2017

Detroit Cops Raid an Innocent Family’s Home at Gunpoint on Bogus Sex-Trafficking Tip  Maria Navarete says police told her “shut up, you have no rights” as they handcuffed and pinned down her and her children.  Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 11, 2017

The State Wanted to Treat Her Like a ‘Handmaid.’ She Fought Back Tamara Loertscher gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2015. Then she challenged the Wisconsin law that nearly kept them apart. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 3, 2017  

Why Is Everyone So Willing to Believe ‘Fake News’ About Sex Trafficking?  “It’s like we lack enough empathy to understand the choices of others, and therefore deprive them of agency.” |

Prostitution-Ring-Running Cop Sees Court, But Police Who Extort Sex Often Go Unpunished Former NYPD officer Michael Rizzi is accused of running an upscale prostitution service and its 50 related websites. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Apr. 28, 2017

‘Deplorable’ NYPD Officer Will Spend Decades In Prison for Soliciting Pics of Mothers Abusing Their Children

Alberto Randazzo’s shameless defense: he developed an addiction to child porn after the death of his former police partner.  Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Apr. 25, 2017

CIA Head Pompeo Would Like to Decide What Counts as a Real Media Outlet A war on WikiLeaks will ultimately threaten a free press. Scott Shackford|Apr. 14, 2017

Topeka Teen With Violent Pimp Faces More Than 10 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking Kansas CPS said Anthony Long was to stay far away from then 16-year-old Hope Zeferjohn. He didn’t listen. Now she’s being treated as his accomplice. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Apr. 10, 2017

D.C. Cop Pays 15-Year-Old for Sex, Steals the Money Back at Gunpoint Afterward Police say she was “acting on her own” and “not a victim of human trafficking.” Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Apr. 7, 2017

Stripper Licensing Fees Pocketed by Palm Beach County Employee for Years-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Apr. 4, 2017

Proposed Tweak to Internet Law Could Spur Seismic Shifts in Web as We Know It A bill related to sex trafficking and Section 230 could have far-reaching consequences for web content, publishers, and apps. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Apr. 2, 2017

American Sex Police With sweeping trafficking stings, the FBI returns to its roots as the nation’s vice squad-by Elizabeth Nolan Brown- April 2017

The IKEA Child Sex Trafficking Story Is Fake News A highly unlikely crime. Lenore Skenazy|Mar. 31, 2017

Strangers U.S. children today are no more likely to be kidnapped than they were decades ago, and much more likely to be returned safely when they are. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Mar. 31, 2017

DEA Seized $4 Billion From People Since 2007. Most Were Never Charged with a Crime A new government watchdog report finds the DEA grabs cash just for the sake of grabbing cash, raising civil liberties concerns. by C.J. Ciaramella|Mar. 29, 2017

Banks Flagging Frequent Pharmacy Trips, Bulk DVD Rentals, and Other Ordinary Activity to Turn Over Tips to Government Snoops– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Mar. 27, 2017

Even sex workers earn more if they get a college degree- by Allison Schrager March 24, 2017

Harlots Doesn’t Sell Out When Detailing Lives of 18th Century British Hookers New historical sex drama comes to Hulu. by Glenn Garvin | March 24, 2017

Surprise: Government-Grown Pot Is Total Schwag, Not Suitable for Research Doctors using DEA-approved marijuana find it is useless for research purposes. Nick Gillespie- March 11th 2017

Trump’s Mythical Crackdown on Sex Trafficking– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Feb. 27, 2017

Teen Girl Sent Teen Boy 5 Inappropriate Pictures. He Faced Lifetime Registry as a ‘Violent Sex Offender’ or 350 Years in Jail. by |

Ashton Kutcher Claims He Helped Cops Save Way More Sex-Trafficking Victims Than Authorities Say They’ve Found-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Feb. 15, 2017

Backpage Shutters ‘Adult’ Ads Section Following Years of Government Bullying– Jan. 10, 2017

The Business of Government Is Hysteria– Matt Welch|Jan. 10, 2017

Backpage Backed Into Corner Over Adult Ads. Is Government’s Goal a Goodbye to Sex Trafficking, or Free Speech?– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Jan. 13, 2017

Trump Brings Back Ban on Funds for Groups That Promote Abortion, While Congress Reconsiders Global Anti-Prostitution Pledge– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Jan. 23, 2017

Director of Anti-Sex Trafficking Doc I Am Jane Doe Doesn’t Understand the Laws She’s Trying to Reform– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Jan. 26, 2017

Why the Government’s Legal Assault on Backfired (New Reason Podcast)- Nick Gillespie|Feb. 3, 2017

No Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Hordes in Houston-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Feb. 7, 2017

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Law Enforcement Leaders Release Agenda Calling for Trump Administration to End ‘Unnecessary Incarceration’– Anthony L. Fisher|Feb. 13, 2017

Clarence Thomas Condemns Civil Asset Forfeiture, Points to ‘Egregious and Well-Chronicled Abuses– by Damon Root-Mar. 6, 2017

Can U.S. courts compel non-citizens to pay restitution to other non-citizens for crimes that took place abroad? Apparently so– by Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Mar. 7, 2017

FBI Helps Shut Down Seattle Sex-Work Review Board- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|1.7.2016

‘John School,’ Homeland-Security Training for Strippers, and Other State Sex-Trafficking Laws Coming This Month– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|1.8.2016

14 Arrested, 12 Migrant Women in Custody, and ‘Additional Moneys and Properties Will Be Seized’ Following Shutdown of Seattle Sex-Work Forum ‘The Review Board’ -Elizabeth Nolan Brown|1.11.2016

Homeland Security Asking Hotel Staff to Report Customers for Too Many Condoms-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|1.12.2016

Another Asian Air Traveler Detained Over Suspicions She’s Being Sex Trafficked– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|1.14.2016

The Official Indictment of’s Founder Will Infuriate You– Scott Shackford|1.28.2016

Prostitution Decrim Debated by New Hampshire Lawmakers-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|2.1.2016

Obama Could Still Stop ‘Megan’s Law’ From Making Sex Offenders Get Special Passports- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|2.2.2016

Beauty School Syllabus Now Includes Human-Trafficking Awareness Training– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|2.10.2016

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 Sex-Trafficking Victim Arrested for Selling Sex– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|2.16.2016

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Sex-Trafficking Arrests on the Rise, But Conviction Numbers Are Still Small– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|2.21.2016

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Human Trafficking Is the New ‘Crack-Cocaine Epidemic,’ Says California Lawmaker– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|3.2.2016

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Influential Ex-Marines Commandant Wants Next President to Make War on Human Trafficking More Like the Drug War- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|4.28.2016

Homeland Security, L.A. Police Team Up to Arrest Compton Sex Workers– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.2.2016

California Moves to End Mandatory Jail Time for Prostitution– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.3.2016

New Georgia Law Makes Sure Undercover Cops Can Count as Sex-Trafficked Teens- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.4.2016

Reason Wins 2016 Best Feature Maggie Award!-Katherine Mangu-Ward|5.9.2016

Decriminalization Is the Only Feminist, Humane Response to Prostitution, Says Human-Rights Group Amnesty International- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.26.2016

Sex-Trafficking Stat Check: How 45 Toledo Teens Become ‘1,000 Child Sex-Trafficking Victims’- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.26.2016

Former Kentucky Constable Accused of Running Prostitution Ring for Police and Lawmaker Friends– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.27.2016

As the ‘Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act’ Turns One, Lawmakers Demand DOJ Get Tougher on Ad Platforms and Sex Buyers– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.31.2016

Poll: Most Americans Reject Criminal Penalties for Prostitution- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.1.2016

‘She Looked 18’– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.3.2016

Feds Kill Yet Another Website That Makes Sex Work Safer-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.15.2016

Three Oakland Police Chiefs Resign Within Nine Days-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.20.2016

‘Biggest Sex Trafficking Bust Ever For McLennan County’ Texas Mostly Snared Adult Sex Workers– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.27.2016

Oakland Cops Uncover Dead Colleague’s Fling With Underage Sex Worker, Make Sure to Get Her Number for Themselves- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.29.2016

NYC Councilman Completely Fabricates Child Sex-Trafficking Ring– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|7.6.2016

‘Sex Trafficking Survivor’ at Democratic Convention Not Actually Victim of Sex Trafficking- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|7.26.2016

Teen Girl Sells Sex. Teen Boy Serves as Bodyguard. Teen Boy Gets Arrested by Homeland Security for Child Sex-Trafficking- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|8.4.2016

About That Vanderbilt University Football Player Caught in a Sex-Trafficking Sting…- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|8.8.2016

Charging Child Sex-Trafficking Victims With Prostitution Is the Only Way to Save Them, Say California Prosecutors– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|8.9.2016

More Than 1,300 Prostitution Clients Arrests in Latest ‘National Johns Suppression Initiative‘- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|8.12.2016

11 Oakland Cops Disciplined Over Prostitution Scandal Involving Exploited Teen-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.8.2016

The Truth About the Biggest U.S. Sex Trafficking Story of the Year: – Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.9.2016

The Truth About the Biggest U.S. Sex Trafficking Story of the Year– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.9.2016

Lewd Acts and Prostitution Among Charges for California Cops—If Alleged Victim Gets Out of Florida Jail– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.12.2016

 Oakland Police Follow Up Internal Sex-Crime Investigation by Launching Anonymous Online System for Reporting Prostitution– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.16.2016

Courage House Claimed to Save Sex-Trafficked Girls. Instead, It Used Them As Funding Bait While Playing Evangelical Christian Missionary– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.20.2016

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart Creating National Database of Sex Buyers- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.22.2016

King County Sheriff Continues to Offer Distorted View of Seattle Sex Trafficking– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|9.30.2016 CEO Carl Ferrer Arrested in Texas for Pimping, Conspiracy- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.6.2016

Here’s How Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer Supposedly Profited From Child Sex Trafficking-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.7.2016

More Lives Sabotaged by National Faux-Sex-Trafficking Witch-Hunt-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.10.2016

Texas Dad Pushes for Parents of Adult Women to Be Able to Have Them Committed for Selling Sex– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.12.2016

‘Woman’ Offering Sex in Exchange for McDonald’s Meal Was Part of FBI-Led Ploy to Stop Sex-Trafficking– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.17.2016

Former Heads Say Pimping Charges Motivated by Politics, Not Facts– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.20.2016

Operation Cross Country X: Everything You Need to Know About the FBI’s Annual ‘Underage Human Trafficking’ Sting In One Chart– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.25.2016


Rape, Nude Catfighting, Prostitution… Your Fall Guide to Officer-Involved Sex Crimes in America– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.3.2016

SCOTUS Won’t Hear Illinois Sheriff’s Appeal of Order to Stop Threatening Credit Card Companies for Working With Backpage– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|10.5.2016

Chicago Cop Arrested for Sex Trafficking and Child Porn, Accused of Paying Teens—Including Braces-Wearing 14-Year-Old—for Sex– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|11.3.2016

Judge Says Backpage Protected by First Amendment, Rejects Pimping Charges for CEO… Then Backtracks a Few Hours Later- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|11.16.2016

Pulp Fiction, Pope Francis Figured In Case of Alleged Foot Fetishist Charged With Child Sex-Trafficking- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|11.22.2016

Alabama Bans Publishing of Prostitution Mugshots, Allows Cops to Hold Suspected Sex Workers for 72 Hours– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|11.23.2016

4 Incredibly Dumb Ways the Government Is Spending Your Money to Punish People for Having Sex– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|12.2.2016

Backpage Leaders Beat Pimping Charges as Court Affirms Importance of Immunity for Web Publishers of Third-Party Speech– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Dec. 10, 2016

‘The Review Board’ Bust: 12 More Men Face Felony Charges for Posting to Seattle Web Forum– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Dec. 13, 2016

Maryland Police Association Director Resigns Over Prostitution Charges– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Dec. 13, 2016


64 Face Jail After Elaborate Sting Aimed at ‘Ending Demand’ For Prostitution in Houston- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|3.5.2015

Parking in ‘Designated Area of High Prostitution Activity’ Could Get Your Car Impounded in Spokane, Washington– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|3.5.2015

Here’s What the Senate’s Massive Sex-Trafficking Bill Would Actually Do– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Mar. 10, 2015

Enhanced Penalties for Prostitution Patrons in New York’s New Human Trafficking Measure- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|3.17.2015

Abortion Funding Battle Doomed Human-Trafficking Bill and Loretta Lynch Vote To Be Continued in April– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|3.23.2015

Sex Worker Laura Lee to Launch Legal Challenge to Northern Ireland Prostitution Law– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|3.24.2015

Stalled Senate Sex-Trafficking Bill Should Stay That Way-3.26.2015

Senate Settles Trafficking Bill Controversy Over Abortion, But Immigration Amendments Could Still Stop Passage-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|4.21.2015

Internet Freedom Suffers in Passage of Senate Human Trafficking Bill-Elizabeth Nolan Brown|4.23.2015

Feds Convict Elderly Bar Owner Who Allowed Prostitution Upstairs as ‘Sex Trafficking Ring Leader’– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|4.27.2015 Lawsuit: Sex Trafficking Doesn’t Trump Internet Freedom, Says Federal Judge- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|5.20.2015

As the war on drugs loses its luster, legislators are intent to make the same mistakes with sex workers.  By ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN  June 01, 2015

Did You Hear About the Sex Traffickers Abducting Grown Women From Hobby Lobby?– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.8.2015

Teen Recruits Friend for Sex Work With Her, Gets Slapped With Federal Sex-Trafficking Charges- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.16.2015

Anti-Porn Summit on Capitol Hill Mixes Moralist, Feminist, and Public Health Rhetoric With Insane Results- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|6.16.2015

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National Johns Suppression Initiative’ Nets Nearly 1,000 Arrests for Attempted Sex– Sep. 4, 2015

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Hundreds Arrested in FBI-Sponsored Prostitution Sting– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Oct. 15, 2015

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Justice Department Distorts Sex-Trafficking Arrest Numbers– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|11.25.2015

The War on Sex Trafficking Is the New War on Drugs–  Elizabeth Nolan Brown from the November 2015 Wins First Amendment Victory Against Censorious Sheriff– Jacob Sullum|12.1.2015

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Asian Girl Band Detained at LAX Because Officials Think They Must Be Sex Workers– Elizabeth Nolan Brown|12.14.2015 Sues Federal Government Over SAVE Act- Elizabeth Nolan Brown|12.15.2015

Progressive Puritans From e-cigarettes to sex classifieds, the once-transgressive left tries to criminalize fun.  by Matt Welch  May 2014