Bella Robinson‘s 2015 lecture from SCSU is syndicated here. Political Gingervitis: Episode 17-Sex Workers and Their Struggles For Freedom with Bella Robinson

Bella Robinson & Norma Jean Almodovar-The Coalition Live! 1/9/16 

SCSU sociologist Dr. Alan Brown on sex work By Andrew Stewart on January 25, 2016

Prof. Joel Quirk lectures at Brown about sex workers By Andrew Stewart on March 27, 2016

Episode 26:  2016  Fighting the Trafficking Narrative from Alaska to Rhode Island 

Trending Globally: Politics and Policy – Episode 4 – Sex Work Is Work- Dec 2016

Sex workers’ rights activist Bella Robinson (Coyote RI)  and sociologist and Watson postdoctoral fellow Elena Shih discuss the “trafficking” and “rescue” narratives muddying the reality of what sex work is–and what sex workers really need.


Bella Robinson & Maxine Doogan, Sex Worker Rights Nov 12th 2015 ESPLER v GASCON