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The judicial system and sex work in New Zealand Jan 2018

Can the police ever be friends to sex workers? Nov 7th, 2017

The New Zealand Model   Oct 31st, 2017

NZPC’s own website updates regularly with answers to some frequently repeated myths.

The Wikipedia page (90 references to source documents)

2017- New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC)  

New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective—An Example of a Successful Policy Actor-2017

Recently (2017) there has been some media coverage on (failed) efforts to create bylaws in attempt to move street-based workers, who were originally displaced by the earthquake, from certain residential areas.  NZPC will have the latest on this, but here is a sample of the coverage

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In 2013 there was a thorough review of the PRA by the NZ Justice Committee, which strongly rejected a petition calling for the ‘Swedish” model instead. See Wikipedia link above, or follow this link to jump straight to the Justice Committee’s 2014 “Full evidence text” pdf:

Prostitution law reform in New Zealand- July 10th 2012

For a 2007 study, Abel interviewed 772 sex workers from around the country and found 73 percent worked for the money, 87 percent regularly visited the doctor but only half announced their occupation, and 60 percent thought the police cared for their safety.

Report of the Prostitution Law Review Committee on the Operation of the Prostitution Reform Act-2003

Film ”Georgie Girl”- 2003

A guide to legal models so simple even swerfs can understand it.

Decriminalising sex work in New Zealand: its history and impact

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