Local events

AMOR Volunteer Orientation + Training

Saturday, August 19th, from 12:00-3:00 PM

At 10 Davol Square (TRI Lab) in Providence

We are looking forward to seeing you there as we work to build community resistance.

DARE’s Juneteenth!! CSA Celebration Block Party!  Public event,  Hosted by Community Safety Act.   Monday June 19th 2017 – 4pm-8pm at DARE-340 Lockwood St, Providence, RI 02907

AMOR ORIENTATION  June 17th 2017 from 12 to 3pm. at DARE 340 Lockwood St, Providence, RI 02907

Calling All: Community Members!  AMOR-   Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance

Come learn about the structure of the AMOR Alliance and its emergency hotline.

Find out how you can become directly involved in our efforts to build a community powered rapid response network. This network will be responding to the increasingly common instances of state sponsored and individual acts of hate in our communities.

How do you fit into the AMOR network?

How to take action as an individual:
**Mapping Community Resources and Strengths
**Discussing how you would like to get involved!
**Explaining how you can become a block-organizer.


June 13 2017   Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants – Senate Hearing
“DRIVING PRIVILEGE LICENSES” AND PERMITS FOR UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS Senate Bill No. 183. BY Ciccone, Nesselbush, Quezada, Crowley, Miller


Saturday June 10th 6pm to 9pm

As AFSC-SENE winds up 15 years of work, we want to celebrate the community that we have been a part of. We will have food at 6:00pm followed by music and poetry and speakers and maybe even some dancing as we wind down. To help the work we have been doing continue, this will be a fundraiser for the AMOR network, which is creating ways to keep our community safe in these Trumpian times. Tickets are $30, $60 or $90 (You pick). $50 for a family. There will be a timeline where you can add your memories. Book sale and lots of old AFSC “stuff”! Please join us!

NOTE: This eventbrite invitation is housed by PrYSM, which is the fiscal sponsor for the AMOR Network.

Happy International Whores Day!   June 2st 2017

April 17th Providence City Hall,  the passing of the Community Safety Act (CSA)








At #clpp2017 and sex workers well welcomed and engaged in the reproductive rights movement talking about mass incarceration, motherhood, community and women’s healthcare! Knowledge is power!

Monday April 10th 2017





Friday April 7th 2017 “Screening for the film Scarlet Road” by Rachel Wotton, Trailer here 


Living my best life…

We attended the screening for Scarlet Rose & I got to take a pic with Rachel Wotton. Then we got to hear Elizabeth Bernstein & Wendy Hesford present. Then Elena Shih took us all out to a fabulous dinner, good wine and awesome food and great conversations. A huge thank you to Paul Maginn,Emily Cooper Erin Lee , for welcoming sex workers at AAG.













Thursday April 6th 2017  

Dr Elena Shih and Bella Robinson presenting “Policing Modern Day Slavery: Sex Work and the Carceral State in Rhode Island” at American Association of Geographers 2017 in Boston

Coyote RI &  Dr Elena Shih presenting at The Boston Labor Conference Saturday April 1st 2017

March 28th 2017 at 2:00pm, Coyote RI educated some nursing students at RI College on the harmful effects of conflating sex work with sex trafficking. 

“Women’s Rally, “Rise Up”    March 25th 2017

It’s time to RISE UP! Rhode Island. This rally is to honor and celebrate Women’s History Month and the work of multiple human rights organizations in RI. This non-violent gathering is led by the RI Chapter of the Women’s March Network – join us and add your voice to the chorus who believe in equal rights for everyone! You’ll hear from a diverse group of speakers, enjoy local musicians and food trucks. This event is co-sponsored by Working Families RI, Resist Hate RI, Coyote RI, the RI Democratic Party and the Women’s Fund of RI.  Please bring signs, wear your pink hats and gather at Roger Williams National Memorial on North Main St in Providence. This event is a PRO-human rights event that will be non-violent. Saturday March 25th 2017 from noon to 3pm at Roger Williams National Park,  282 North Main Street Providence RI 02903  Coyote RI speech is here 

FB photo album of the Rise Up Rally here 

Rise Up Rhode Island Rally respectful, but no less resolute– By Amanda Milkovits-Mar 25, 2017

Brown University’s Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council (SHEEC) invites you to our 8th Annual Sex Week: LIBER8 | CELEBR8!   Mar 19 – Mar 24th 2017.  Our full calendar is available at: http://tinyurl.com/zr3sxu5.

Bella Robinson was in the Petteruti Lounge at Brown University yesterday for “‎Brown SHEEC to Sex Week 2017: Liber8 | Celebr8“,  to talk about her work as Executive Director of  COYOTE RI and as a sex worker rights activist and to answer your questions!
Lunch & discussion on sexual violence with Bella Robinson-CoyoteRI,  at the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center!  March 8th 2017- 1:00pm-2:30pm.  26 Benevolent St Providence RI 02912
Todays event on sexual violence at the Sarah Doyle Womens Center turned out really good. Thank you Myacah Sampson for inviting me and organizing the event. I also want to thank everyone who attended and supported RI Sex Workers today.  

In honor of “International Sex Worker Rights Day” March 3rd 2017. US sex workers have created a public service announcement video. “Rescue Two Step”

Sex workers will strike against poverty, criminalization and stigma on March 8th 2017


 #IDEVASW Providence RI Dec 17th 2015