International Resources

Assistance For Sex Workers Worldwide

The following organizations offer direct assistance. Coyote RI neither supports nor approves of any particular listing but provides these as a service for those seeking help. Because you generally need help locally, service organizations are listed by location.
Assistance can vary from counseling to shelter to legal help to providing clothes and food. Some organizations work with all sex workers, others with only trafficked or underage sex workers. Organizations vary in their attitudes from those wishing to “rescue” fallen women to those working from an attitude of harm reduction, thus providing services to those who are still working. Everything from religious organizations to those run by sex workers themselves are included here; you must decide if an organization is suited for your needs.

  • South Australia – Sex Industry Network in South Australia, Australia is a peer-based sex worker organization and offer support, education, safe-sex products and much more to those involved in the commercial sex industry and transactional sex. tel +61 (0) 8 8351 7526.
  • Cambodia – Kompong Cham, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
  • Central Europe – This forum is mainly aimed at sex workers and all, to broaden their horizons or want to help with the improvement of living and working conditions of sex workers. In this forum you will find information about health, social, and psychological issues, and much more that is relevant for sex workers. We regularly post links for you to newspaper articles and online publications around the prostitution and sex work as a whole. This forum is privately funded without advertising and therefore depends most of your employees. Most posts can be read without registration and a registration (so you also post, watch movies, and you can enter some hidden areas) is of course free!
  • Europe:

    International Committee on the Rights of Sex Worker’s Europe

  • Germany – Berlin
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Mali – Bamako, Sikasso, Koutiala, Mopti and Segou
  • Mexico – Tijuana
  • Russia – Moscow
  • South Africa – Cape Town
  • UK – London
  • UK – London
  • UK – Manchester
  • Worldwide