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Backpage inditement -March 28th, 2018

On April 6, 2018, Backpage was seized by the United States Department of Justice, and it was reported that Michael Lacey’s home had been raided by authorities.[86] The seizure came in the wake of the passing of the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), which amends Section 230 to explicitly exclude federal or state sex trafficking laws from its immunity. Although the bill had been passed in March, it had yet been signed into law on the day of the seizure. Critics of the bill, which was primarily designed to target Backpage,[87] had argued that the bill was unnecessary because of established case law making websites liable for knowingly facilitating sex trafficking.[88][89][90] Technically the seizure has been performed by the FBI and the nameservers of the domains were changed to “” in order to display the authorities seized page.[91

In late-March 2018 and early-April 2018, courts in Massachusetts and Florida affirmed that Backpage’s facilitation of sex trafficking fell outside of the immunity granted by Section 230 safe harbors. The latter ruling argued that because Backpage “materially contributed to the content of the advertisement” by censoring specific keywords, it became a publisher of content and thus no longer protected.[

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M.A. v. Village Voice Media Holdings, 2010

 Craigslist to Remove Category for ‘Erotic Services’ –  May 2009

Dart v. Craigslist, Inc. – Wikipedia 2009

Craigslist’s agreement with attorneys general around the country, anyone who posts an “erotic services” ad will be required to provide a working phone number and pay a fee with a valid credit card.  Nov 2008

Lacey and Larkin were arrested in Arizona by then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office in 2007 for publishing information about a secret grand jury subpoena demanding information on its stories and online readers. They won a $3.75 million settlement from county government as a result of their now-discredited arrests.

Backpage was a classified advertising website launched in 2004.

Doe v. MySpace Inc. – Wikipedia 1995