2015 Articles

The Compelling Case for Decriminalizing Sex Work By Tara Burns 

Criminalization of prostitution in RI costs lives by Bella Robinson

Sex Workers Get Shut Out of Seattle’s “Sexual Exploitation” Conversation a Second Time by Sydney Brownstone • Jan 28, 2015

Sex Workers Write Open Letter to Lawmakers Over “End Demand” Bills by Sydney Brownstone • Feb 2, 2015

Violence Against Sex Workers   by Tara Burns Feb 7th 2015

Meet the Sex Workers Who Lawmakers Don’t Believe Exist– by by Sydney Brownstone-Feb 11th 2015

Challenge to California Prostitution Law Banned by Crowdfunding Site GoFundMe The situation is common for projects even tangentially connected to sex work or adult entertainment. Guess who’s to blame? Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Mar. 9, 2015

For Years, DEA Agents Attended Illegal “Sex Parties” Paid for By Drug Cartels, Using Govt Buildings-March 25th 2015

Policing Identity: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the PIC (A Recap in Tweets) APRIL 27, 2015 by CHERISE MORRIS

R.I. task force developing protocols on handling sex-trafficking cases, Apr 30, 2015

How Self-Described ‘Whore Nation’ Killed the TV Show ‘8 Minutes’ A first-person account describes how sex workers united against an A&E reality show they say exploited them. By Tara Burns / AlterNet May 5, 2015

A&E Cancels Prostitution ‘Reality’ Series 8 Minutes Sex workers say both premise of show and promises of help for them were a sham. Elizabeth Nolan Brown|May. 6, 2015

Shutting down ads for sex workers will make their lives more dangerous- By Alison Bass- July 9th 2015

Bella Robinson- Fighting for Our Sisters in the Erotic Community- UALE NE Summer School For Union Women.  Sister Solidarity July 14th 2015

M. Dante, Sister and Sex Worker– Sister Solidarity UALE NE Summer School for Union Women July 18th 2015

Dear Caitlyn Jenner… by Bella Robinson, July 21st 2015

 The anti-trafficking rehabilitation complex: commodity activism and slave-free goods ELENA SHIH-August 19th 2015

Another RI Teen Sentenced for Sex Trafficking Underage Girls Brian Desmaris pleaded no contest on Monday and was sentenced to 10 years with 19 months and two days to serve-By Mark Schieldrop- Nov 5th 2015

The Porn-Peddler’s Guide to Operation Choke Point– By A.V. Flox – Oct 6, 2015

BackPage and bust: how to harass sex workers and influence people By Andrew Stewart on December 22, 2015

  Ashton Kutcher spotted exiting Thai massage parlor in Los Angeles- by KIRTHANA RAMISETTI December 25, 2015

Movie Review: Invisible: The Unseen World of Male Prostitution By Bella Robinson on December 28, 2015 |