2013 Articles

My Roommate Is a Male Escort, and It’s Whatever CP CAMERON PATTON Jan 15 2013

FORTY YEARS IN THE HUSTLE A Q&A WITH MARGO ST. JAMES by Anne Gray Fischer -February 11, 2013

When Prostitution Wasn’t a Crime: The Fascinating History of SeWhen Prostitution Wasn’t a Crime: By Melissa Gira Grant / February 18, 2013

Cry with trafficked women: Colonial prurience and 3-star hotels-by Laura Agustin-August 1st 2013

The sex worker stigma: How the law perpetuates our hatred (and fear) of prostitutes-LAURA AGUSTIN, JACOBIN-AUG 17, 2013

I am a former escort. Trust me, criminalizing prostitution doesn’t help Matthew Lawrence November 3rd 2016

Treating Sex Work as Work- by By Maggie McNeill- Dec 2st 2013

‘Thinking about sex work as work‘ by Dr Laura Agustin