2013 Articles

My Roommate Is a Male Escort, and It’s Whatever CP CAMERON PATTON Jan 15 2013

The War on Sex Workers An unholy alliance of feminists, cops, and conservatives hurts women in the name of defending their rights. Melissa Gira Grant|Jan. 21, 2013

No, new research does NOT show that violence decreases under the Nordic model by by Wendy Lyon Posted on January 24, 2013

FORTY YEARS IN THE HUSTLE A Q&A WITH MARGO ST. JAMES by Anne Gray Fischer -February 11, 2013

When Prostitution Wasn’t a Crime: The Fascinating History of SeWhen Prostitution Wasn’t a Crime: By Melissa Gira Grant / February 18, 2013

(Stripper) Mother of slain child blames judge for death Child’s father accused of using a hatchet to kill his youngest son Mar 1, 2013

International Sex Worker Rights Day- March 3rd, 2013

Prostitution in Denver: Women busted more than men, punished more harshly– . BY MELANIE ASMAR- May 3rd 2013

Justice for Jasmine- July 12th, 2013


Cry with trafficked women: Colonial prurience and 3-star hotels-by Laura Agustin-August 1st 2013

Red-light greenlight: Sex work at the brink of legalization -By Justin LingAugust 15, 2013

The sex worker stigma: How the law perpetuates our hatred (and fear) of prostitutes-LAURA AGUSTIN, JACOBIN-AUG 17, 2013

Woman Imprisoned as a Teen for Killing Abusive Pimp Will Soon Be Free Oct 27th 2013

I am a former escort. Trust me, criminalizing prostitution doesn’t help Matthew Lawrence November 3rd 2016

Treating Sex Work as Work- by By Maggie McNeill- Dec 2st 2013

‘Thinking about sex work as work‘ by Dr Laura Agustin


Mathematician lost his job and was given experimental ‘chemical castration’ after being convicted for homosexual activity in 1952-Dec 23rd 2013